6/27/15 Tamer Quest

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    Hail everyone! Just wanted to make our first post in our new guild forum that Telamon setup for us.

    I thought it would be nice to start with a highlight of our guild. As you all know, we're a young guild to the shard and only recently have we got enough members to begin participating in champ spawns and doing them ourselves. Yesterday we did our first Zookeeper's Quest, as a guild. It was a smashing success and all 10 bond slots went to guild members. Thank you Sticky for being our host on this one.

    As an update, we're very close to completing two more Zookeeper's Quests.. so be thinking about if you need another bond slot or not, and if you want to participate or not regardless. Once we have a scroll complete, we'll be reaching out to everyone to setup the next date. Any extra bond slots we'll sell to non-guildmates.. and we'll probably sell the bond slots to guildmates at a discount.

    It's great to know that we've got some awesome people in our guild, and I am privileged to have you and to get to know you as friends.


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