A "Brigand" Chest

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    A middle-aged man stands before you who looks to be built too big for his frame. His chest looks like that of a bull's and his arms like boat anchors weighing him down on both sides. A figure he's earned while working as a laborer through the Minoc Mason's Guild in seasons past. Now this man dawns gear clad with scrapes and broken links in his mail with bruises and scars to match.

    It wasn't long ago this man threw down his trowel and sought shelter and comradery with the Brigands in Southern Yew. They welcomed him with fairly open arms. "What's your name, guy?" A woman asked as she set eyes on him as he rode up. "Orion's the name," uttered the man. The woman questioned, "Orion? Are you from the stars?" "Nay m'lady. Just a man who's out to change them..."
    After a brief discussion it wasn't long before he was stoking the fire in the cottage while she was pouring week old stew in a wooden bowl before him. After a hearty meal, the gang began filing in and once upon a round or so of ale it was decided they would set out on patrol. The findings were mostly uneventful.

    Several weeks within the group, Orion began to feel as if he could handle a bit of action on his own. Having several men down with an ailment and exhausted from boredom, he decided to head West out of Trinsic in search of a group of archers that recently began plaguing the land.

    It wasn't long until I came across something rather intriguing. In the distance I heard the distinct sound of dragons and from a stones throw away I could begin feeling the heat of dragon breath. I waited by a tree until the excitement began to die down. I paced myself crouching from tree to bush and vice versa. It wasn't long until my eyes were affixed on an ornate chest poking just out of the ground.
    As my adrenaline rushed at the treasures that laid before me I began to notice two others beginning to unleash their own beasts onto the shadow and ancient wyrms protecting the chest. I hunkered down low and my hand fell onto a bottle of Ale tucked away into my pack. After a few drinks, the would-be treasure hunters looked as if they were failing to gain the upper hand in the battle. I knew now was my time to strike.

    As precarious as it is fighting a tamer of beasts, I would not tempt fate to fight two tamers and a crowd of wyrms. I knew I better be more cunning than brawn. I approached the chest while they were busy chasing their tails healing their creatures. As I opened the chest, I was stalled in a feeling of disbelief. I had never seen such a haul from a single chest. I quickly began shoveling gems and magical weapons into my pack. Shortly thereafter another shadow wyrm had been summoned to protect the chest. I quickly hid and as I did, the wyrm began to overwhelm the tamers' pets. Knowing another wyrm would seal their impending doom I promptly began looting the chest again in attempts to summon another chest keeper. As luck would have it, a fourth shadow wyrm was summoned before me as I found a space in the shadows to hide.

    It wasn't long until the treasure hunting party had felt the effects of my mischievousness. I patiently waited before I poked my head from behind a rock to find everyone had lost their battle to the wyrms. I gave a final look over the chest and found a handful of platinum coin hiding in the bottom. I bundled my pack and quickly made my way East, out of Trinsic.


    Tonight, I thank the Gods for a bounty well found.
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    brains over brawn was a fantastic move in that situation.
    I salute your analytical thinking under pressure!
    they should be so lucky that the chest guardians were all they felt and not the whomp of your hammer...
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