! A Steward's Journey (with pictures!)

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    From Tomah to all citizens of Paws:

    I will not take this lightly; this task of stewardship.

    My mind, heart, body and spirit are dedicated to upholding the honor and dignity established within this most honorable community by those who have come long before I even set foot in these lands. Any growth you see during my time as steward is a growth that has been established on a solid foundation that I cannot take credit for.

    I will honor those who came before me, and strive to bring Paws into a new era of prosperity, community involvement, passion, purpose, and adventure!

    I thank Jupiter, personally and sincerely, for this amazing offer and opportunity. I could not ask for a better mentor.

    I also thank all of those who have extended me support and encouragement and who have gone out of their way to make this transition a wonderful experience. It really shows what kind of heart this community has and I wont take it for granted. Ever.

    The light of Paws will continue to burn brightly! I look forward to doing my part in keeping that light luminescent and pure!

    Long live the Village of Paws!

    Thank you and be safe in the light of the Sapphire Maiden.

    ~Tomah of Thamara, Steward of Paws


    Enjoy the journey the Steward underwent as he traveled to all the Shrines in Sosaria to ask for wisdom as he embraced this new role.

    He started at the Paws Tower, donning the mask given to him by Jupiter, and meditating on the tapestry of Sosaria before he stepped outside to seek guidance from the first shrine: Spirituality.


    The Shrine of Spirituality


    The Shrine of Honor


    The Shrine of Humility


    The Shrine of Valor


    The Shrine of Compassion


    The Shrine of Chaos


    The Shrine of Justice


    The Shrine of Sacrifice


    The Shrine of Honesty


    The Shrine of Empathy


    Returning to the Paws Tower:

    Laying a hand on the Paws Stone and lighting a candle. Tomah releases a long breath and relaxes.


    Be well and be safe everyone!
    See you at the next Paws Adventure (and around the world too, I am sure)!!

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    doing my part!

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