Adventure Number # 1 : Supplies from Paws

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    Word came over the communication crystal of a supply shipment from to DG village from Paws. Volunteers of the Guard were quickly summoned to escort the 3 fully laden pack horses from Paws to DG village!

    DG Guards eagerly arrived at Paws to escort the pack horses.


    We soon set off through the forest with wary eyes on the surroundings.


    Our unusual bearded wizard guide showed his twisted side as he sent us through the hedge maze.


    Demons and gazers were slain as they tried to grab the pack horses.


    A misplaced spell sent our group spinning into the depths of the worst of dungeons. Somehow the pack-horse survived the ordeal of a Balron.


    Finally we made it back to DG village. All 3 pack-horses accounted for!

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