Aidan de Luna - A visit from Moonspirits - Village of Paws

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    Kiln slunk behind the dried shrub trying to conceal his bright plate helm in a poor attempt to stay out of sight. This is the part he hated. "Would loathe be to strong a term" he thought to himself in a partial mutter. He was consigned as the official Blacksmith for the Southern Settlement; he had had no intention of performing a warrior's duties.

    Yet Catalin was convinced this plan would work and once that man was convinced of something there was no amount of talking that would dissuade him. So, there they sat, planning a trap for that bloody harpy that had been eating their stock of sheep. Kiln noticed movement and prepared himself charge with his double ax. He sprang from the brush and cried out the call that Catalin so adamantly encouraged among the warriors "Suflare Vitale!"

    But as he reached his target, it was no feathered bitch that he faced, but a robed man who looked down at the dwarf with a bit of curiosity. They stared for a moment at first, but then as Kiln raised his ax the man stretched his hands from the long cuffs of his robe, preparing an arcane attack. Before the two could release their pent up aggression, an arrow landed in the grass between them. They both looked and saw Catalin emerge from the forest thicket.

    "My apologies traveler. Master Dwarf is a bit exuberant in his duties to protect our village. I am Catalin of the Southern Settlement of Paws, South Paws if you will. And might you be?"

    "Adain Moonspell is my name, and study of the arcane is my aim," the man spoke in a peculiar iambic pattern. "I heard tale of your settlement and came to see it for myself."

    "Very well, you're but a few days ride from it." The man gave Catalin the most odd sense of calm he'd ever known. It was as though he knew he could trust this man whom he had only just met. "But before we do, you understand you'll need to assist with the matter you've just interrupted."

    "And what business, is that, I wonder, I conjecture? What need have you of an apprentice's fire?" came Aidan's reply.

    "We have a harpy that has been more than a nuisance to our supplies and we mean to end it. I imagine we could use one of your talent; seeing how the dwarf here," Catalin shook his head towards Kiln "is rather less than daunting."

    "Very well, but I will let you know, that I shall only use what I know of fire and blasts on creatures of avarice such as you ask," Aidan explained "any other creatures of this great mother earth I ask that you spare, at least in my presence."

    Catalin puzzled at the man but accepted his request.
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