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    His golden eyes looked exhausted: "I will never be able to recover what I have lost in Feywild, but this is definitely a new beginning" said Arasys. He knew only he could hear himself, still he carefully adjusted the books to make sure they are all symmetrically aligned for readers' eyes. After all, tomorrow his own archives will be visible to many, who are interested in arcane arts and Sosarian lore.

    Slowly he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, grabbed the nearest blank parchment and melodically whispered: "Uus Mani" then started to push his bed to fully reveal the pentagram beneath it. After few seconds, he dropped the parchment on pentagram's central point and sat on his chair.

    "First things first" he told himself followed by few sips from his Trinsician peach wine -which was nowhere near as good as any elven wine in his opinionated head- , then reached for his pouch to grab a bunch of bloodmoss and mandrake roots. He let out a short sigh and thought it is probably going to be the last spell he will cast before sun rises again: words "Ort Por Ylem" echoed in the room as Arasys was focusing on both his pen and blank parchment, finally ink started to take shape:

    " Archive Membership:

    To better enrich the arcane knowledge within our village, it is crucial we share the results of our own arcane experiments, as well as our common knowledge regarding Sosarian regions, races, beliefs, culture, and latest events we have witnessed.

    In order to access this vast source of knowledge; please leave a letter containing the following information in my mailbox and kindly light the top lantern.



    Guild affiliation:


    -Protection of our knowledge is essential to defeat the darkness and ignorance!

    For current members of our village:


    Our latest collection includes twelve books and more books are being written as you read these words.
    Please find the current book list below:

    + Arcane Art in Modern Ages

    + Elves: Folklore & Truth

    + a disenchanted Tome of Spellweaving

    + The Dark Elves: Our Unwanted Cousins

    + Report to Heartwood

    + Orcish Shamanism

    + Mystery of Abattoires

    + Cursed Adalet, a forsaken town

    + Soil of Lost Lands - an on-going research

    + Captain Tully's Lost Log

    + Translation of a Famous Research from Moonglow: Talking to Wisps

    + A New Plague


    Future Book Titles:

    + Curse of Lizardmen

    + The Devouring God

    + Voices in Spiritwood

    + Knight sects of Sosaria

    + and more!


    While using these exquisite resources please keep the following rules in mind:

    + Destruction and violence stemmed from disagreements, greed and barbarism brought nothing but loss of knowledge, thus it is important to follow the rules of Village of Paws within Arcane Archives.

    + Accessing the knowledge is not limited to our own folk, please respect visitors' differences unless they are hostile.

    Note: it is Corellon's bidding to remove orcs from face of Sosaria, thus the rule above does not include orcs; yet please make sure their blood does not stain the building.

    + If you would like to borrow a book, at least please leave a note so I can make copies for others.

    + It is completely forbidden to insult Elven beliefs and culture."

    As he finished the last sentence through concentration and magic, he thought about how much he could learn from those whom he never met yet then smiled with passion. At last, it was perfect time for him to enjoy the possibilities offered by further arcane knowledge and rest of the human made wine he despised.

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    The icing on the cake from this post is the Elf waving at me personally at the end. hahaha.

    Note to all of UO:R, i have read a lot of Arasys Llanor's writings and they are intriguing, thought provoking, and well written. If you ever need ideas for inspiration feel free to come read.

    By signing a membership form, you will be given 'friend' access to the building. As Arasys specified, please follow the rules he has outlined in order to maintain good standing with this building. He is making these books available for us all, so please don't disparage them.

    Also note, he has back up copies of all books, so if any are defaced it can be fixed, but if we find you are doing so intentionally your membership may be revoked. We don't intend to micromanage this.

    Thank you again Eladrin for providing this great addition to Paws!!!
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