Baler's Disco Guide as a Tamer

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    How to train Enticement (Discordance) as a Tamer with a Mount!
    Doesn't require a house, pathing or hiding!

    • This may not be the fastest method but it's great for anyone who wants to afk train enticement (discordance).
    • This method works because of how mounts in uo work. Discordance typically requires you to hide or be far enough away from a mobile before you can attempt to disco it again. But if you can mount your target it will wear off just like as if you were far enough away or hiding. Presumably due to it technically no longer being within range of you.
    • No fear of taking damage or your mount going wild and just in case I've included in the macro how to set it up for feeding the mount.
    • No home? No problem! Find somewhere quiet in a less popular town and macro away!

    ~300 gold (for vendor training)
    ~840 gold (for regular instruments off an npc bard. You're going to need quite a lot of these.)
    ~95.1 taming, ~100 animal lore
    a Frenzied Ostard
    a Nightmare

    0-30 Vendor train
    30-68 Frenzied Ostard
    68-100 Nightmare

    I hit GM enticement in approximately 30 hours game time.

    Razor macro: Due to how this is setup you will need to record this macro yourself. However below you will see exactly how mine looks, with some extra detail.
    For ( 1 to 250 )
    If (SysMessage "jarring")
    Pause 5.00sec
    End If
    Double Click (double click yourself to get your id here)
    Pause .50sec
    Use Skill Discordance
    Wait for Target
    Absolute Target (You target your mount here)
    Double Click (double click your mount to get your id here)
    Pause 12.00sec
    Double Click (double click your instrument of choice and convert it to type)
    End For
    Double Click (double click yourself to get your id here)
    Lift cut%s% of raw ribs (id) - 1
    Drop to (onto your mount)
    Double Click (double click your mount to get your id here)
    Pause 12.00sec
    Explanation: For 250 gives you 50 to 80 minutes before you feed the mount. You never use any commands so there is no risk of your mounts happiness going down.
    Dismount, use disco, target the mount, remount, wait 12 seconds...
    Checks if you succeeded at "jarring" (discoing) the target and delays it's continuation by 5 more seconds.
    Plays an instrument by type so it knows which one to try enticing (discoing) with.
    After 250 attempts (50 to 80 minutes) it will dismount, feed the pet 1 food, remount and wait 12 seconds just in case.
    Loop (on)

    Special thanks to: BL for letting me borrow his nightmare to test this.
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    Wow great idea and guide.

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