Burglars, Vandals and You: Protect Your Properties

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    Due to a recent flood of criminal activities...

    The Knights of Sosaria would like to remind you of some basic home security practices to protect your house, your items and yourself from falling victim to the vile thugs who aim to loot and grief you.

    Use the following practices to ensure you're safe when entering, and to protect your home:
    • Detect Hidden - If you don't have this on a macro hot key or button in the client already, you should. Use this before unlocking your door, after re-locking your door, when you go to get a soda, etc... You can never use Detect Hidden too often!
    • Table Wall - Keep loose items in your house secured behind a table wall, or table wall your entrance for extra security!
    • I Ban Thee - You should have this on a hotkey! Add it to your bank hotkey or have it on a key you can hit fast!
    • Keep an alt inside - Keep an alt logged out hidden in your house that can be used to ban if you fall to some ruthless thugs. Nothing is worse than watching as a ghost while your items are taken.
    • Be Smart - Do NOT gate from inside if you have loose items. Pay attention to those creepers around your house. Do not leave your doors unlocked for even a second.
    • Read this thread! - http://uorforum.com/threads/renaissance-guide-to-home-ownership.6057/
    Follow the steps needed to protect yourself and save your items from these criminals hands.
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    Ask in IRC if you have any questions.

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