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    Starting with Patch 88/89 we are ready to begin offering additional character slots to our players as part of our copper rewards system.

    With the implementation of the classic client as a supported option for the Renaissance server along with Quick's work on the Renaissance launcher we can now offer our players access to 6th and 7th character slots for their accounts as rewards for current and past support of the server.


    If you are interested in additional slots for your accounts and have been a donor in the past you can contact the staff to have any outstanding copper credited to your account for the expansions. Should you have earned enough copper from the clean up Britain system you can also use that as well.

    Note: Donations going back to 1/1/2017 are valid for the copper reward system.

    For a 6th slot for an account the cost is 30k Copper.
    For a 7th slot for an account the cost is 60k Copper.
    Note: You will need to use the classic client to access the additional slots.
    Note: There is still a 5 house/account limit on the Renaissance server. Additional slots will not allow for owning more houses than a normal non expanded account.

    This is just one of the many planned features in the works to reward the players who have supported the server for years. And while Renaissance will never be a pay to play server we feel that it is important to reward our players for their support. This place would not be here without all of the benevolent support from our players.

    Should you lack copper from donations or clean up Britannia work please make sure to review the copper guide about the various ways in which you can earn copper. This system was not added for players to feel the need to donate specifically for the expansions. Feel free to speak to the staff about any questions you might have!

    Note: You can also take advantage of the additional character slots to move characters between accounts as well.

    To get started just contact Telamon(me) on discord and we can get you all setup!
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