Dispelling demons... Dancing with the dead

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    I traveled to the peaceful hamlet of Cove.
    I oft come herre to feel the breeze on my face as I stand on the docks and look eastward.
    Also the bank tellers are nicer so it seems to me than at the other banks in this land.
    Perhaps tis the peaceful setting of the little hamlet with the sea and the mountains.

    Nonetheless, having traveled here to do some banking, and yes, feel the breeze on my face,
    I felt a drawing to move towards the palisade gates and out into the wilds.
    I passed Wise's tower and continued to move deeper towards the cemetary area.

    I felt a strong evil presence as I neared the area of the dead.
    I thought perhaps a lich had reappeared as sometimes one takes up residence in the derelict old chapel.
    But, as I slowly closed the distance, my ostard became more figety, if that is possible.

    No the presence was much more malevolent and evil.
    Whatever it was drew darkness and despair towards the cemetary.

    And then I saw it,
    "A Revenant," I whispered lowly as if only mumbling to myself.
    I think my ostard heard my mumblings, for it stopped and would not move any closer.

    So there I was, sitting atop a frozen, frightened ostard wishing somehow to give the bird-brained critter some courage.
    As I contemplated my predicament, a friend of mine contacted me through the still umclear, at leat to me, but marvelous
    way this land communicates or one of the ways. Let us just call it one of the Bard's traits.

    "What you up to, Oni?" he asked.

    The voice rang out in my head loudly.
    I looked around to see if anyone or thing had heard the voice.
    All around me seemed quiet and peaceful.
    Even the ostard seemed ignorant of the voice that went off in my head.

    Answering in a normal voice I said,"tracking a revenant."
    "Want to come see?"
    "Sure," he replied.
    "Where are you?'
    "I am out by the cemetary near Cove."
    "Okay send me a gate."

    Quickly, and again I state another one of those mysterious, wonderful things only of this land, I threw a gate from my location to his.
    Moments later, a warrior with a silvery, shining blade stepped through the portal.

    It was also at this time that my ostard seemed to gain some much needed courage.
    No doubt the shinning sword emboldened the creature.
    We procceeded forward and engaged the Revenant.

    Oni Neaufire_11-13_20.17.jpg

    The battle was on...
    The vile undead creature was no match for the silvery blade and the bolts of magical energy.
    The Dance with this undead was in a slower step , but we finished the dance without getting our toes stepped on.

    Oni Neaufire_11-13_20.17-2.jpg
    Oni Neaufire_11-13_20.23.jpg
    After finishing the dance.. I mean Revenant, we changed pace and quickly danced through the rest of the undead at the cemetary.
    Next we move the party to the Brittain cemetary and cut a fine step through the undead there as well,
    hoping to fill our dance card with another revenant.
    But alas, it was not to be.

    Growing weary from the dance with the dead, we headed west and south, skirting the mountains to the west of Brittan.

    Geoffrey, did show me the office of the game warden or whatever his official title is but that is another story...
    or perhaps an old one..

    Oni Neaufire_11-13_21.09.jpg

    We rode quickly south from there and dispatched many foul creatures of varying size and power.
    Though the dance with the dead was over, we seemed to be acquiring more and more partners as we headed home.
    But the dance with the uninvited partners was well worth it, especially this headless.

    Alas the Dance had to end.
    My feet where tired.
    And the night was far spent.

    But I did mention demons...
    Well acutally one demon...

    Oni Neaufire_11-13_21.00.jpg
    Oni Neaufire_11-13_21.00-1.jpg
    A perfect way to end the evening,
    even with tired feet.
    The last dance on my card...
    Dispelling a demon.

    Thank you, Fursan for the last dance.
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    Well fought! One less revenant is worthy of a song and stew.

    *I can't tell if your dance was this kind

    Or this:
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    I would say the First.
    Seems slower music works better with the armor and all.
    Also you will notice that all the partners are lulled to sleep, hence,
    the need for slow, peaceful music.
    Yes definitely the First.
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    Good Day all.
    Just want to thank evryone who reads my posts,
    And thanks so much for the likes!

    Have a Blessed Day,
    In Vas:):D:)

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