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    Hello I am Nomack/Damalar/Lucca also known as The Pirate King of The Dreaded Plunderers!!!

    A few things to make clear... just because this is a Semi- RP Pirate guild doesn't mean we are here to be a nuisance, grief, or cause a negative influence on the server. With that said time to get into the nitty gritty. Our CoD is gonna be a mirror copy of the server's. There is a zero tolerance stance on Disrespectful, Racist, Sexually Innapropriate behavior. The only exceptions are in RP situations where it is warranted as it pertains to the Pirate RP to be authentic, but also stays in line with that of the server's CoD, which can be found here http://www.uorenaissance.com/conduct

    Here on the shard we will be a Semi-RP community/guild. What does this mean? It means that in most general situations here on UO with a balanced server that we as 'Pirates' can partially roleplay just about any situation we come across out in the field. With our guild statement you're not just held to things of a nautical nature. We are here to strike fear into the lands...

    When out in the field as a member of -X- you are expected to act with some kind of decency. We are not griefers, we are not here to be nasty and immature. Be polite when out of RP and always always offer a Res. I have no restrictions when it comes to looting and PKing in general but your a pirate, not a homicidal maniac. We want to plunder and amass fortunes , our main goal is to amass wealth not head counts lol!

    Something I stress more then anything is to abide by the Alliance rules and guidelines when it comes to events and murder counts. Anyone found to be exploiting these systems no matter the extent of the exploit will be turned over to the staff of UOR and removed from our ranks.

    I will be fine tweaking our CoD as we begin this adventure and new things come to light, so make sure to check back anytime you see an update to this section.

    Any member either of -X- or the Server in general can contact me with any issues related to the game any time of the day. I am Nomack in game and forums. Damalar is my handle in IRC.
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