Earthquake deals 60% damage instead of 50% and is not capped to 50 damage

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Twister, Jan 7, 2018.

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    From the compendium:

    A few days ago my guildmate showed me a deadly combo of explosion potion + earthquake + lightning wand / a finishing spell on a stunned enemy and I decided to macro it.
    But while writing that macro I've discovered that it actually does 60% damage, not 50%, and is not capped at 50hp damage versus players.

    Here's how I tested it.
    Char A: GM magery, GM eval
    Char B: GM magery, GM resist, 0 eval

    Char A casts Earthquake
    When char B has 100 str and 100hp he gets 60 damage
    When char B has 120 str and 120hp he gets 72 damage
    When char B has 100 str and 70hp he gets 42 damage

    Later I tried it against guildies who had GM eval and they also got 60% damage.

    I'm sorry if anyone was happily using this as a cheesy way to kill other players, but I think it needs to be fixed.
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    Compendium is wrong
    damage = (m.Hits * 6) / 10; (60%)

    AOS and higher is 50%
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