Failure in Wrong.

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    I died. At least... I thought I did. But... no... there! a vision of a fierce warrior on horseback, stamping and slashing through the prison cell. And then... I was alive? The dead and dying lay all around us...

    She took off her helm, and... it was Jasnah. I should have known.

    *two weeks ago*

    Qamra sent word that a group of evil mages had been seen. This sounded like just the thing. I needed revenge. Revenge for allowing the dragons of Dastard to ravage the countryside. Revenge for letting Baerron Jael escape. Revenge for failing to protect the caravan. Revenge for failing. Always failing. The Shrine of Spirituality thrummed and sparkled behind me as I read the document. Revenge would be mine.

    Three words and I was in Vesper.


    Preoccupied with trade and industry, my home city of Vesper held little information about the evil mage cult. But if anyone knew anything, it would be Kendrick the Alchemist. His shop near the bank has long been a front for... information. A pile of gold at his feet, he couldn't resist.


    What Kendrick could tell me was weak at best. The pictures in the document helped, however. He'd heard of a new presence in Wrong. Good enough. Over the next week or so I set my affairs in order at the tower of the Dark Octopus. The time had come. Off to Wrong. Three words and I was there.


    The denizens of this dungeon weren't talking. Unless it was with their cudgels. I didn't have time for this! I moved deeper in. No one knew anything. Or... they weren't saying? Desperate, I asked the executioners. I felt dumb just speaking with them.


    And that's when it went wrong. Glancing askance at each other, the executioners told me of a prison cell that held a man who knew everything. I followed them. Turning a corner I saw a horde of the enemy, waiting. Bah! I slung my lute off my back and strummed. I played fast, fingers flying up and down the neck, hand a blur over the strings. The tune was true and fights broke out but the prison cell was too small and there were too many. Dunele stepped and danced in the tight quarters well acquainted with battle, yet the cobbles were slick with blood. She slipped on her worn shoes. We went down! In an instant the executioners were on us. The room went dark.

    And then there was Jasnah.


    All purple dress and plate. Jasnah. Elegant beauty and death. The last person I wanted to see.

    Some failures are worse than death.
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    If epic adventure in Wrong is wrong... I don't wanna be right.

    Good tale! Thank you for sharing.
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    You spoke to my Qamra???
    *Feels a wave of jealously and unease*
    *Rides to the Spiritwood*

    Qamra not at her post? All that was left was a book. A diary it seems.



    Not my innocent Qamra! She would never betray me.. Certainly this must be a mistake.

    *Rides off to Vesper with haste*

    With a little bit a "persuasion", Kendrick the alchemist told me everything he knew. Aragorn went to Wrong to search for evil mages, and Qamra after.

    *Rides off the Dungeon Wrong*

    I asked around the dungeon. The first few executioners I asked weren't giving me the answers I needed so I cast them down.
    The third spilled the beans. They had her locked up deep inside the dungeon. I hastily made my way deeper, casting down all who stood in the way of me and Qamra reuniting. At last I came to the jail cells of Wrong.


    I untied Qamra and although she had the strength to walk, I picked her up and put her over my shoulder for good measure.

    With Qamra safe over my shoulder, I made my way out of the dungeon. The brigands of wrong put up one last great stand but stood no chance against the strength of my love.

    After clearing the path all the way to the entrance, I carried Qamra all the way back to her shop at the Shrine of Spirituality.
    At the end of the day, I forgive Qamra for her dally with Aragorn. She has assured me it was a mistake and my act of heroism had set her wavering heart firmly back in my hands.

    As for Aragorn, well, I will need to have some words with him... If he manages to get out of Wrong. I doubt he will, I do remember seeing a corpse chained to the wall wearing a straw hat and reeking of molasses.
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    Aragorn is too busy with his quest to concern himself with womanly wiles. Especially with the arrival of Jasnah.

    But after the quest... well!

    [ooc Wow! That was brilliant. Reeking of molasses. I laughed right out loud. Funny thing, I was juggling two accounts in wrong, trying to get some good photos and Aragorn died in that very cell in your last image.]
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    We are truly in a golden age of storytelling right now! Everyone, and I mean Everyone, is just knocking it out of the park!
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    Dare I....
    A teaser... I will have to make a new thread in trash talk.. as I fear for TOS breach.
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    This story has been added to the oral history of Paws.


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