Friday Night Fights #17 (4-17-15 @ 11PM EST)

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    1st Place - Darth Pax Romain
    2nd Place - OliVeR the 1337
    3rd Place - Perseus the Persistent
    (screenshot: 4-17-15, Large sections of the crowd miss their cue to say cheese or something... I suggested 'clever' -- but whatever works.)
    --MORE SCREENSHOTS BELOW-- (next post)
    Updated: 4/20/15

    Stormhold Fight League - Friday Night Fights #17
    (4-17-15 @ 11PM EST)
    Prize purse brought to you by: The 555 Foundation/GideonJura, Sir Garvey, Westra, Random, and at least one other Sosarian like you I forgot!

    Event gates will most times be provided by Telamon and if you PM Vlar in IRC travel can be arranged.

    This week's tournament will be (standard 1v1 rules)
    • No combat or stealing outside of the ring
    • Reds(murderers) and blues are both allowed to attend and participate
    • Elimination style TBD (single/double elim) based on time constraints
    • No pots (EXCEPT REFRESH)
    • No wands
    • No hiding/invis
    • No magic weapons/armor
    • Poisoned weapons are not allowed
    • No looting
    • No field spells
    • No followers (tames, summons, mounts, etc)
    • No precasting before match begins
    • No buffs before match begins (includes stat pots, bless, Magic Reflect and company, fish buffs, etc)
    • All matches are subject to "sudden death" after ten minutes in duration and people are getting sleepy.
    • Stealing during duels is illegal.
    • All combatants are subject to snooping by Stormhold staff
    • As always, I reserve the right to make shit up as I go along.
    Sudden Death:
    • No interruption of fight will occur
    • Referee will signal audience members and staff that sudden death will begin in 60 seconds
    • When 60 seconds has expired and the referee gives an ALL-CAPS signal the audience and staff are free to dump fire or poison fields into the arena.
    • Combatants are allowed to heal or cure as normal no rules change except now they're fighting in a pit of fire and poison.
    The prizes for this week are (may change based upon donations):
    • 1st Place: First place trophy & 50k check
    • 2nd Place: Second place trophy & 25k check
    • 3rd Place: Third place trophy & 10k check
    Spectators are encouraged to attend! Come enjoy the hospitality of Stormhold!
    (screenshot: 4-10-15, diebythehighguy- [in red] faces off against Turbo in the final match of the night!)

    Previous Events:
    Video example:

    FNF #11 (Entire fight night! Thanks Blaise!)
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    The night begins with two lumberjacks hacking each other to bits. (Round 1: Perseus vs Jason)

    Jason falls into a pool of his own life blood. Slipping away as the crowd discusses the finer points of 'pit fight fashion'.

    In a most entertaining fight oLiVeR the 1337 faced off against Francois Villon! Mounts so excited they sparkled.

    amfeKk falls to oLiver as a shady nugget lurks outside in the courtyard...

    Moments after the excellent fight -- amfeKk falls a second time to a swift ride-by-ebolting from the Dank Nugget who'd been lurking in the courtyard.
    ( @Mes - I don't want the murderous nugget punished; but I do want him smoked... Oh and preferably not for this to become a thing. )

    Perseus and Pax go to the VERY edge of sudden death.

    Oliver and Pax's battle for the title ends in a terrible twist of fate as Oliver lost his footing atop the RRG member's corpse adorning the arena.
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