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Discussion in 'Player Run Events' started by The Musician, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Was trying my luck at their automated casino and its been alot of fun. Could be even better if they had more secure containers and that is what this thread is. If you have extra plat/gold donate that to @Medieval Name so he can make this top notch.

    To start the donation off - 50k check and 3rd anni purp earrings. The more donations the more secures and maybe even 25k bets!

    If you haven't tried this place out - give it a whirl!
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    Glad uyou enjoy it as mich as I do!

    Actually, adding a secured container would allow the dealer to take more than two amounts. It’s set at 5 and 10k for the testrun but if there’s hype about it, I wouldn’t refuse donations to be able to take it 3 or 4 amounts! :D
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