I'm looking for programs that edit UO animation files.

Discussion in 'RunUO Development' started by Runnin' with the Devil, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Apr 27, 2016
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    So far I'm using UOFiddler, MulPatcher, and InsideUO.

    I'm in need of as many programs that allow you to edit the UO animation files as possible.
    I'm pulling Alpha & Beta UO animations from both versions of UO but UOFiddler doesn't read them properly. It gives me access to about half of what I need and the rest don't show. For the longest time I thought maybe the animations I was looking for were patched over or just no longer there, especially with the Beta files since there were 2 versions. But after using InsideUO it gave me access to a few beta animations that UOFiddler didn't show, which is good news for me because now I assume majority if not all the animations are in my files I just need to use a combination of animation editors to get them all. So that's why I'm making a request here, if anyone knows of or has programs that allow UO animation editing please reply or message me. I've googled as much as I could, many old links to programs are gone. I'm hoping bumping elbows with fellow developer's will pay off.


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