Les Ténèbres Vient 'The last stand'

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    Darkness comes [Tenebres vient] translated

    As humankind vanquish thrice fold obscurites past plagued, the summoner grew weak with each defeat of animates brought forth to bare
    Allotted power gifted to the summoner by the Guardian of the Undead was all but wasted into oblivion
    The heart of the living has so far overwhelmed the blanket in which this shattered gem fragment has fell incipiently
    One last time the chance has been granted to the conjurer, to show these revenants of the eternal void the one they chose was of competentense not error. There can be no failure in this forthcoming, there can be no mistakes or excuses for this was the Last stand
    Only so much power can travel through the void portal to the universes in which the fragmented gem of the immortal came to rest, if more power were granted,
    Energies that are within may not be compatible, this then creates negaradiant energy which is either brought forth or back and is sure to destroy one or both in term. In simplicity the universe in whole would be non redeemable but in void to which nothing can dwell but the matter which formed it was.

    The Conjuring

    When will the last be brought forth there is not a whisper, nor will the winds of time know until set
    What will be brought to bare judgment of this fragmented shard, only oblivion knows because it is oblivion that lasts
    Will what forthbrings be the apha or the omega of existence in this place that living matter exists and is granted lot to

    Again only oblivion knows oblivion, not even the Guardian of eternal torment can answer this far adrift in which is known to all as
    the universe
    All that can was granted to knowledge was it will be the Revenant of the Hallows and is of Undead origin

    What is explained, there can be no time told or knowledge of what is to come or to become of the world in which we live
    Oblivion being the only entity that can possibly know has no viable communication to who or what we are to its existence
    In tern we are in the dark until the hour this unexplainable occurrence unfolds
    Your guess is as good as mine, so let us pray to the gods this can be thwarted by our means and not a unstoppable force as we know as humankind
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