Loot table by monster?

Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by BeAsTiE BoY, Jun 1, 2018.

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    Is there a loot list/table by monster somewhere for this shard?

    I know there are probably others for other shards

    I want to know best loot, gold and magic items and which monsters have them?

    Where do you hunt without PKs always showing up>
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    Apr 14, 2016
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    well there is bestiary --> http://www.uorenaissance.com/bestiary

    there is also couple of guides showing gold per hour for farming spots somewhere in the forums, search it.

    get used to pks, you will still make way more gold even if you die everytime a pk shows up in the hotspots than pk free spots.
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    Doesn't matter where you hunt, reds will generally show up. Don't bring anything worth while to Destard. Anywhere really lol. I had reds swarm me even at the troll spawn, which I found kinda funny. Just use garbage dragons and keep nothing on you, and it really doesn't matter whether they show up or not. Just do a run to the bank/house every so often to drop things off.

    I like dragons for pretty good gold, dread spiders is good gold, I have heard gazers is good? Never done that. Demons is good gold.

    Honestly, best advice I can give is this: don't take grief play in general too seriously. Cause there is a lot of that too. Just do your thing. If it goes well cool, if not, well, it's how it goes.
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    ... people that succumb to woe grief are sheite at recovery. Anyway...

    How To A Play Paranoid AF Gold Farmer
    a flash guide by wylwrk

    *in the style of completely random ramblings*

    • escape macro on hotkey
    • hunt numerous spawns on a random rotation
    • do not drop off loot at the same drop off point more than once in a row (if using banks)
    • if you gate pets from a bank (you're seriously asking for it), use the stealing skill on anyone that comes through after you cast reveal at your next spawn
      • if you get the message, "you fail to ...."
        • all kill them
        • leave that location and bank out of your rotation for the next 5-10 rounds
    • your character's base stock should be just enough to handle ONE spawn of whatever is on your rotation
    • store loot from one round by w/e spawn location you're at then move on (bank, drop house)
    • IF you get pk'd or die, odds are you'll only lose a very small handful of regs (like 10 each at best)
    • Learn how to work a ID wand quickly or put ID on your farmer (yeah, it's actually do-able)
      • If you can handle it, work spawns as a duo (alt account) with a utility assistant character
        • mage/med/hide/detect/itemid a color keyed hotbag and some slick macros... if this doesn't make sense already, skip it for now.
    • Have a weekly auction (maps, weapons, armor, etc) on a "hot day" for quick turn arounds
    Farm until you've enough gold to purchase enough platinum coins to get a blessed runebook deed. Just do it. Even if it leaves you neigh penny-less, just do it.
    *make sure it's unmarked and 10 charges "exceptional" unless you truly plan on keeping it forever

    If you plan on being a full time farmer, work towards a house with a secure wall. By then you should know that no "secure wall" is truly secure. You should be smart enough to work your detect/ban hotkeys and handle things well enough but do not keep your damned life savings there. It's a drop off point and should be sorted out daily.


    • skip all that BS above, join a good group of like-minded individuals, get skilled enough to dominate champ spawns, and get rich enough to buy everything you could ever imagine and more

    G'luck and have fun!
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  5. Everlast

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    Wylwyrk has some very good advice for the paranoid AF hunter but I believe I can help you even better and almost completely remove the never ending worry of becoming paranoid to begin with!

    My secret to a stress free UO life: pick cotton at Delucia, go spin it, then thread it, then cut it, then cut it, then cut it again and you've got bandies. All within town limits, no reds guaranteed!
    Be sure to start your character with the healing skill so you get 'newbied' scissors so in the rare event that you die, you keep your money making scissors!

    While waiting for the cotton to grow back, the stables right next door to the cotton fields have various farm animals you can shear and do the same above.
    *IF** you're the of the killing nature, you can also kill the farm animals and use your 'newbied' dagger on the corpse which will render hides and meat.
    Then use your scissors on the hides. You can sell the hides and raw meat to NPC vendors but if you learn to cook the meat, you might get more from players.

    I don't want to spoil your UO experience, so I will leave learning the cooking action and skill up to your adventure!
    But I will share just one more secret. Once you've learned the cooking skill, you will find people training fishing at docks at various locations all over Britannia. They typically leave their catch at their feet!! You can get massive amounts of free fish steaks, cook them, and sell them this way. Keep that one to yourself! Be careful though, I believe some docks are outside city limits so the associated significant risks which will therefore lead to the impending paranoia.

    Edited to apologize for ending my advice with some advice that could negate the fear of reds all together. I wish you the best but please, explore the option of picking up free fish EXTREMELY carefully. Be sure to know the exact point of the nearest town limit!

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