Luven Lightfinger in town again. Happy to show new players around or join established parties.

Discussion in 'Project Sanctuary [P'S]' started by Luven Litefinger, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Dear PS:

    This is Luven Lightfinger. I awoke from a long nap to find myself a bit disoriented in front of a strange house.

    In order to discontinue sleeping in the alley just southeast of west brit bank, I secured two properties just north of PS town. I am not officially part of your group; I usually loosely affiliate with about anyone who will have me as long as the exchange is healthy and everyone walks away relatively happy.

    Similar to the last time I traveled these lands, if you see me on IRC I am always happy to show a new player around or take them on an easy hunt.

    Additionally, I get incredibly bored wandering around alone. I prefer to join a partner or two for wandering Sosaria, and although I never met many of you, the people I may have met last time I wandered with my lutes, tambourines, and drums will attest that I never could figure out capitalism or the profit motive. As long as everybody walks away with a bit of gold for their time and some friendly conversation and companionship, I am happy to travel anywhere as long as I am in good company.

    Please ping me on IRC if you see me around.

    Wishing you lots of fine Sosarian ale, a few pleasant trysts with some well-meaning orc-women (or men if you so prefer), whatever other pleasures make you personally happy or you enjoy sharing among friends, maybe a few dug-up buried treasures, and incredible tales of your general adventures and mishaps in the coming year. At least until I receive another unexplained concussion and take another long, well-earned rest again.


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    Hail and well met again, Luven. I know we have communicated in short bursts as of late, so it is good to see that you have taken it upon yourself to reach out to us.

    I recall you being a fine gentlemen in our last dealings and wheelings, as it where, so you are more than welcome to hitch a ride with PS when you see us around and come on our adventures. We have many things in the works and any given time!

    You clearly know where our city is, so stop over when you get the chance and see whats cracking!

    Best wishes and welcome back to Sosaria!


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