Meeting Notes: 9/20/2018

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    First official turnout was good, we had 13 in attendance to begin the training. There is still about 7 people who did not attend but overall a good turnout.

    Things that were covered for those who missed out:

    • Each person dueled 1 vs 1:
        • No potions, no magic armor or weapons, no wands.
        • The point was not to see who was good a dueling but who showed areas of knowledge or areas needing improvement.

    • Performed 2 vs 2 duels with random match ups
        • Again just a study of how people react in difference circumstances

    • King of the Hill
        • Anything goes, everyone at once, just for fun to end the night :)

    No lessons learned on day 1. Really just meant to set a baseline for where people are at in the group and for everyone in the group to break that ice and get the blood flowing. Our next meeting will be Monday 9/24/18 @ 9:30 EST at the University. Topic of training will be disruptions and surviving the "dump". You may stock up however you wish, potions included. We will have exercises that will not allow potions and ones that will allow potions. Each person will be assigned a partner to practice back and forth with as I explain what the goals are, monitor progress, and advise as needed.

    Enjoy your weekend, if I am around online feel free to get with me if you need one on one coaching.

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