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    NOTE this thread was originally created at the beginnings of Paws to drum up attention. As we have grown, it is no longer possible to constantly maintain this. Therefore, going forward, this thread is going to be more of a 'visitor's log'

    If you have visited Paws, and you enjoyed your stay, please feel free to post your name and a brief synopsis about yourself here.

    Thanks for being a part of Paws on UO:R!

    Would you like to hear more about any of our villagers or persons of interest?

    -- We trust it will not be long, before many visitors come to inspect our small, forest-clearing village. We even have been graced by some of the following:


    Balm of Gnarl

    The Urks

    Lethius the armorclad lumberjack

    Morin Oakstone - leader of the free folk

    Noen - the man of no consequence

    Blaise - KING OF OoO!!!

    Fender Fellhammer





    Lady Marjo


    Angel Fiere

    Hawk Darkrose

    Zyler (aka Johari, aka King of AFK, aka the Fish & Games master) - Zyler has helped in countless ways to help provide fun activities for the shard. He is most well known for organizing regular and very rewarding fishing tournaments! Thank you for being a part of Paws!

    Shadbak - A she orc out cast from her now decimated clan. Shadbak the Ferocious Orc, has been found reducing the over population of ettins and wild orcs in the forests.

    Sheol - The noble Lord of Barroom Blitz showed us how to drink well, and fight hard! A true Ogre Jack, he lopped off the knee caps of a hundred Ogres in a single night. The Lords of Ogres shall forever remember Sheol's might ax.

    Riff Silverlute - The troubadour that traveled a good distance to arrive in Paws found an eager and willing audience to hear of his tales!

    Ebron Stonefist A man whose entire blood line is rumored to have been literally carved right out of the mountains. Ebron came to Paws and was immediately welcomed by the Sapphire Maiden! Welcome Ebron!!

    Valentine - The valiant and wise Valentine stopped by to wrest wits with Jupiter in a game of chess. thanks for visiting Valentine!

    DaxX - The Lunatic from Destard! Our warriors happened upon this man in the depths of Destard attempting to take down an Ancient Wyrm. Although he appears a raving lunatic at first glance he is movements are exceptionally cognizant.

    Lord IIII - A great taming Lord. With a pirate's heart, the man could easily be mistaken for any of the captains of the Dread Pirate ship. We are pleased to say his visit to Paws, was peaceful and concluded without incident!

    Giorgio - The renowned arctic hunter, Giorgio! He'll never be found shivering in the cold, for he always seems to have a spare bear mask on hand! Watch out Artic Ogres, that's no bear stalking you...

    Mutombo - an honorable mention here. While he has not as yet visited the Southern Settlement of Paws, this fine fellow did give Jupiter a thrashing in chess twice over! The man moves rooks and queens quicker than an avalanche!

    Soul Harvester - even scoundrels can find a place in Paws. Soul Harvester honorably sat in as an arbiter to a chess match. Thanks Soul!

    Athena Fearless and trustworthy, Athena has graced the village with her visit. Make no mistake though, while she may appear to be of gentle-hand, she will ride into certain death with a ferocity unknown among even the strongest men.

    Ascher Kraw The Free Watchman. Ever the keeper of the Flame; as long as he rides, the light of good men cannot be fully extinguished.

    Borin Drake The small regions of the world often produce the most spectacular of heroes. From the city of Cove borne out of toil and strife comes Borin Drake! Over any Orc Slayer weapon, I would much rather prefer to have Borin 'Orcbane' Drake by my side in battle! With his left hand he wallops orcs and with is right he cleaves them in two!

    Ciet Fife - Outriders of the North - A most welcomed and strong-handed ally. Ciet Fife the Lord Ranger of all the Nothern Outriders will ensure that Paws is not overrun by the evil from the north.

    Company of the Vigilant C^V - We cannot thank the vigilant company enough for helping train Catalin to become a master warrior!
    • Vigilant Hand - This member of the Vigilant company is commanded by none other than Cattie!!! We were most pleased with her visit of our humble village.
      Atraxi - A true Renaissance Man. You never know if you will find this fellow slaying demons or designing ritzy hotel rooms near Trinsic
      Mars - Our blades and bows will be ever at the call of most Renowned Swordsman, Mars! We witnessed this man slay more than ten plague spawn single handed! (we stopped counting at ten for what we feel are obvious reasons)
      Cattie Brie and Maritza - It seems you can never quite get one without the other when it comes to these two. You will find when they are together they are quite fearless - They are quite intrepid if I may dare say!
      Rhaegar Dragonspeik - Using his knack to speak with beasts, Rhaegar easily convinces Dragons to do his bidding. He has no qualms taking young dragons (relatively young that is, in dragon terms only 1-2 centuries old) out to battle against the evils of the land.

    Liberation of Grimoire - A man who knows how to travel both seen and unseen at will. A friend of the shadows and yet accepted of the light. Their strange city of Grimoire has somehow managed to strike a treaty of sorts betwixt the living and those who are.. well not quite so living. Liberation's command of respect from both the living and the dead has secured his position as head of the Council of Mages.

    Aeritas (the Just) - A quite unexpected hero in the history of Paws. This warrior of pure grit comes and goes as he pleases; yet always seems to arrive Just in the time of need!

    Dinin the Tracker - There is no beast, nor scent that can escape the notice of this master tracker!

    Aris Greyst - A well-to-do land baron and self made wizard. With the help of he and his wife, legions of fiends have been expunged. It was a fortunate encounter that helped this man stay, and without his power, countless lives would have been lost!

    Odin of Valhalla - A^T - (some say he is the one true master of Asgard, I myself say he's but a mere mortal who's stronger than most). Yet his ability to calm the nerves of any beast is uncanny to say the least! I dare say, if it were possible this man could even tame the Kraken!

    Spooner - A^T - From a land called OoO a man appeared. Wielding an ax and cutting through Ogre's knees like butter, he said his name was Spooner. But I just called him Ogre Jack.

    Xanthus -B- - A stranger hailed us unexpectedly. "Would you care to join me on a treasure hunt?" And join in we did! And upon return to our fair village of Paws we were saved from an onslaught of Ratmen, this great locksmith even helped break the locks to return the treasure the rats had stolen!

    Godric Greycliff - May I now announce, his high Lord Eminence of Stormhold. The Glorious Lord Godric Greycliff! This noble duke of high standing was kind enough to offer Catalin a personal escort about the land!

    Robin Redding - One of the best warriors of the house of Redding, and perhaps the most proficient slayer of beasts in the land. This great warrior finds no beast beneath his stature. He even leads as the most mongbats slain in the land!

    Mobolin A^T - Some folks may take credit for the 'original' designs of ponds and pools as Tower-top decorations. But this master architect is the only one I know who built a reflection pond that could be used to foresee the future!
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