Mytee gladiator tourney! [Urk] Monday 5/5/14

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    When Monday May 5th, 6:00 pacific, 8:00 central, 9:00 eastern


    • No Magery, Stealing, Pets, Wands, Hiding, etc. We are mytee warriors not panzees!
    • ALL supplies provided! Fighters will be required to enter the staging area naked with an empty backpack. You cheating humans won’t be able to smuggle anything in! (read below)
    • Equal Armor, equal amount of weapons, potions, and bandages.
    • Fighters will choose TWO exceptional weapons and TEN potions provided. (mix and match) You may use all potions but explosions pots with count as two and poisons count as 5. Choose your ten carefully...
    • The gladiator’s arena will be normal sized enclosed fighting area.
    Now for the orcish twist! The orc gods (voted on by the server via linked in shard IRC) will choose the amount of bandages and which armor the gladiators will wear for each individual battle. For example the first match the gladiators might be in leather armor with few bandages for a quick first blood, then the next fight might be a war of attrition with both fighters in plate armor and a large amount of bandages.

    Rewards? Lots of shinies! 100% of the entry fees plus added money will be divided up to the top three warriors.I believe a big shiney trophy from Telamon wouldn't be out of the question either!. All participants will keep their provided armor, weapon and leftover supplies from each match.

    Where at/Can I watch? What’s the first rule about fight club?! The tourney will be held in an undisclosed area. To provide the fighters with less lag and discourage foul play no spectators in the arena…However, This event will be streamed live on with commentary by myself and the legendary, infamous, Xeggug!

    Can I help? Donations of ingots, leather, potions are appreciated. Donators will have name read on streamed and may shout out their guild, vendor house, etc.

    More details on what to expect. Signups will start as soon as date announced to allow for any skill training (contact Var in IRC). Participants will be charged a 5k entry fee at registration. This fee goes towards the winner’s purse, saves your spot, and towards crafting your personal gear. Fighters will be contacted through Ren IRC shortly before the event starts. They will be asked to meet at a common location and gated in to the event. However participants must be ghosts at this time to fight smuggling and cater to our pk contestants. Next, gladiators are given their appropriate supply bag. Fighters will then have three minutes to setup arm macros etc. The warriors will then enter the arena and proceed to smash his/her opponent’s face.

    Questions blah to Var in irc

    TL;DR Warrior only 1v1 tourney, supplies provided, equal gear, streamed live with commentary, the server helps decide specifics of match, limited grief potential, good rewards
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    *prepares to take questions*

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