nice pvp in bucs last night

Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by Woody III, Sep 16, 2016.

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    im making a post about the fun pvp last night in bucs because i think it deserves one. that stuff was pretty legit, some of the most populated pvp ive seen on this server in a bit. im glad to see some new faces out there on the battle field and of course the veterans. if anyone is looking to get into the pvp action on this server come to bucs in the evenings and have some fun with us. if youre alone you can make pvp friends and probably get in with a guild, if you have friends get yourselves organized and come prepared for battle. i had quite a bit of fun and i look forward to more fun pvp battles on this great server in the near future.
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    We were stoked to be out there last night. Sitting in que awaiting the start of a LoL game when we heard "hey there's some peeps in bucs", canceled the que and switched over to UO... recalled in. I was on a laptop as a dexer thought I'd be doomed for sure but there was a nice balance to the fight with mages, tanks and dexers.
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