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    • Easter Event - New Monsters
      • Created two new monsters for the easter holiday event.
      • Created custom AI behavior for each monster unique to the UO experience.
        These monsters are designed to test our players in new and creative ways, causing them to think outside the box
      • To learn more about the Easter Egg Hunt event, Click here.
    • Easter Event - New Vendor
      • Created a new vendor for the easter event that can be found in banks around Britiannia
      • Created a new command for this vendor that will allow you to turn in any eggs you find during the easter egg hunt. "vendor redeem"
      • Saying vendor redeem to the vendor can result in 2 responses. If you have no easter eggs in your base backpack, this gump will be shown.
        Your current event score will be shown along with an option to access the event scoreboard.
      • Should you have eggs in your base backpack, this gump will be shown with an option to turn in your eggs by hitting ok.
        If you hit ok all of the eggs in your base backpack will be removed and added to your score.
      • A confirmation message will be sent once your eggs are counted and removed.
    • Easter Event - Website Interface
      • Created a new class to provide additional logging for the Easter event.
      • Implemented this into our Automated Event system.
      • Incorporate the export of this information to our database server every 5 minutes.
      • Created a website leader board for the vent showing real time scoring data.
      • Allowed the players to click on their name on the scoreboard to see a detailed log of their egg turn ins.
      • You can access the leader board via the Easter event vendor or by clicking here on the website.
    • Anti AFK Gathering System
      • Adjusted the point at which you can be monitored by the system, when fishing, to 100 skill, up from 90.
      • You now only need to be attended while fishing at a grandmaster level of skill.
      • Fixed a problem where your first warning was not letting you out of jail for 60 minutes, versus the correct 5 minutes.
    • Fishing
      • Changed the application of the Anti AFK gathering system for fishing to only be active at 100 skill.
      • Resolved a problem with the big fish prize found when fishing that was causing it to be named incorrectly.
      • Worked with the taxidermy kits to make sure this information properly transferred to the mounted fish.
      • Adjusted the chests that you fish up with Messages in a Bottle to be named properly
      • Added a small chance to find platinum coins when fishing up Messages in a Bottle
        There is a small chance to find a platinum coin in a level 3 chest.
      • Adjusted the rates of Maps/Nets/Big/Fish/MIB's to be scaled properly giving our effective Anti AFK gathering system.
      • Reduced the chance of finding a big fish while fishing.
      • However be careful when fishing near server lines as they can sometimes not register as deep water.
        If you are not getting any of these items when fishing, you are probably not in deep water.
      • Big Fish now spawn in the bellies of sea serpents requiring the players to collect their prize from the corpse as with other items.
    • Gate Travel
      • Removed the restriction for criminals to cast and target the gate travel spell. (Per Ezekiel)
      • The heat of battle rules still apply to the use and casting of the gate travel spell.
    • Hats
      • Created two new hats for our orc and undead role players
      • These hats function exactly like a deer or bear mask and can be found while hunting related monsters.
        More information can be found here
        [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Houses
      • Updated the house transfer gump to display the correct information about a house transfer.
      • Updated the house demolish gump to display the correct information for the Renaissance era.
      • When demolishing a house, add-on deeds will no longer be created for add-ons that exist in the house at the time of demolishing the house.
    • House Keys
      • Created an underlying function to determine which doors are the front doors on any house.
      • Setup a system that allows the gold keys created with a house placement or lock change to be the master keys for the house.
      • These keys when used on the front doors will operate normally, locking and unlocking the door.
      • When used on an interior door, even if the key locks/unlocks the door, it will generate a custom key for the interior door.
      • In the case of double doors both doors will be re-keyed to a single key, and that key will be placed in your backpack.
      • You can now change the locks on any interior door using the new master key on that door.
      • This function will only work for the owner of the house.
      • Master keys cannot be copied.
      • To generate a new master key and use this function, change the locks using the house sign.
    • Mobiles/Monsters
      • Restored the hit points of blade spirits to the correct values for the Renaissance era before trammel.
      • Restored the hit points of the energy vortex to the correct values for the Renaissance era before trammel.
      • Created two new boss monsters with a mid level difficulty.
      • Players should beware when hunting in new areas as they may be challenged by these new creatures.
      • Created three new elemental that can be hunted for their rare stones.
      • These elementals can be found by miners when using the gargoyle pickaxes.
    • Passive Wrestling
      • Found and resolved a problem with the formula used to calculate the passive wrestling of a player. Thanks Mes
      • The old formula was allowing players to exceed the 100 wrestling limit.
      • The new formula is (Anatomy + Evaluating Intelligence) /2 = Passive Wrestling
    • Player Commands
      • Removed a few inaccessible commands from the player access list.
    • Rares
      • Disabled the double click menu for the rare subclass until that section of the website is finished.
      • Added several new items to the rare class.
    • Scissoring
      • When using scissors to cut clothing you can now obtain a partial amount of the resources that went into creating the item.
      • You cannot cut death robes or other newby items.
      • However you can now cut items that were not original created by players.
        This change is in testing and only applies to the base clothing class.
        The cutting of bone armor and other craftables will be implemented in the near future.
    • Stackable Potions
      • Modified the way that potions are handled to allow them to be stacked.
      • Green and purple potions will be excluded from this as function as individual items.
        This will require a small client patch which can be found in our downloads section.
    • Stone Crafting
      • Created a complete new resource system for stone crafting
      • Created three new types of ore. Marble, Sandstone and Stone
      • Created three new types of ingots. Marble, Sandstone and Stone
      • Allowed these items to be just as function as normal ore.
      • To smelt these items from ore into ingots requires only a skill of 50 mining to be proficient.
      • Created 50+ new items with correct flippable attributes for the stone crafting system.
      • Re-designed the menu system from stone crafting to support the new system.
      • Created a custom stone mason vendor who will begin selling players Mallets and Chisels needed for stone crafting.
      • Players can now hunt the rare stone using gargoyle pickaxes.
      • To learn more about the Renaissance Stone Crafting system click here.
        This will require a small client patch which can be found in our downloads section.
    • Treasure Map Chests
      • Allowed treasure map chests to be choppable by the owner and other players. Thanks Wu
      • The owner of the chest, when using an axe on it will be asked to confirm they want to chop the chest, should it have any items in it.
      • If the chest is empty it will be chopped immediately.
      • If a player who is not the owner of the chest tries to chop it, they will not be allowed to, until the chest is empty.
        This will allow anyone to clear a treasure map chest as long as they empty the chest first.
      • Added a small chance for a platinum coin to a level 5 treasure map chests.
      • Added platinum coins as loot in level 6 treasure map chests.
    • Vendors - NPC
      • Removed chessboards and backgammon games from the tavern keeper vendors.
        These items are not serializing properly resulting in potential long term server health issues due to the game pieces. They will be added back once a cleanup feature is added.
    • Vendors - Player Run
      • Assigned sandals a custom name on player vendors so they can be identified as non accessible items on the myRenaissance website.
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    wow, thanks, you've been busy!!!
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    Another great patch. Thanks.
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    This looks great! Thanks for the hard work!
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    Awesome!!! Love the new craftable stone items.

    Thanks guys.
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