Patch 46A: December 22nd - Event Tweaks, Minor BugFixes

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    • Attended Verification System
      • Made a few very small tweaks to the system including flag rates and timers.
    • Houses
      • Rolled back a small change to the house transfer process until I can review public/private house transfer door locking issue further.
    • Holiday Event - Process
      • Resolved a few minor issues with the stage progression process
      • Tweaked a few variables to make the process smoother.
      • Adjusted the event to allow players to bring their mounts with them.
        Note: However should you bring a bonded pet, or not be mounted when the event ends the mount will be lost.
    • Holiday Event - Monsters
      • Made small tweaks to the stats, skills and drop rates for each of the Dark Magic Awakens Event monsters
        • Abominable Snowman
        • Corrupt Soul
        • Dark Elf Archer
        • Dark Elf Axer
        • Dark Elf Battle Mage
        • Dark Elf Commander
        • Dark Elf Fencer
        • Dark Elf Knight
        • Dark Elf Macer
        • Dark Elf Mage
        • Dark Elf Range
        • Dark Elf Spirit
        • Evil Polar Bear
        • Good Polar Bear
        • The Grinch
        • Ice Golem
        • Snow Vortex
    • Sheep
      • Fixed a minor bug with the system that resets the next wool time for sheep to properly account for large sheep farms. Thanks Peace

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