Patch 84 - October 23rd, Happy Halloween, Night of Horrors Expansion!

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Chris, Sep 29, 2018.

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    I shall answer you in haiku:

    A Sosarian
    trapped in a fiery doom
    a glorious death
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    Hahaha interesting. A couple months ago I was minding my own business hidden outside your small tower, and you had foolishly left multiple bags of fire bombs (maybe a couple hundred of them!) on the ground (you just kept gating in and out). Thankfully, I was there to secure them for you and move them to my own house safely. I was always wondering what it is that you were planning to with those... and now it all makes sense! Thank you!

    Side note - good argument. Keep them as is!
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    It's interesting to see how the conversation has shifted when prior to this post 90% of the population had no clue they existed, where to get them or how they could be used. We've just taught people how to play, again.

    @Chris, thank you for posting upcoming plans here. It's a good opportunity for us to give feedback. I'm sure it's a bit frustrating for you because the general gut reaction is to clap back. (mine is!)

    From my game play stand point, this is the 3-4 patch in a row that targets a specific group. (I think we can all agree that's true? Even our enemies!)

    I'm not sure any of the fixes provided real value to the shard as a whole and the energy put into you coding that has taken away from other areas the community wants.

    - Harrower score gump was a fear driven change that just wasn't true. My client crashes 4 times a day, it would be impossible to keep that Gump up for weeks, months ect to find people running.
    - Blue Skull trick also fear based, it hasn't changed anything.
    - Harrower pay-outs tile range, a fear based change that's ultimately is going to hurt the underdogs.

    This change will be the same. Horno provided some good feedback. I'd just add, I encourage you to take the little time you have to fix things that will elevate the shard as a whole, not slow down a few core players.

    Broken record moment: people are gagging at the idea of cub/moats. How many coding hours away from finished is it? So much good stuff to look forward too!
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  4. Cynic

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    At this point I don't think anything you do to Harrowers is going to undo the damage done to the value of platinum.

    The damage is done, I think the only way to fix the problem is to create a bigger sink. Reward the vets who worked the system. They used ingenuity (the fire bombs), multitasking (the triple boxxing), and a lot of organization.

    I don't have a horse in this race, outside of a large plat stack that I obtained through a similar plat train years ago. I can only imagine that my plat pile pales in comparison to the piles these groups have now.

    I think a plat sink is in order. The moat system was supposed to bring a large plat sink, but who knows what's happening there anymore. I don't really see a large burden in creating a couple more tabs of plat rewards to sink a lot of this plat. So many great ideas have been thrown out there over the years for plat rewards.

    You're placing a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. Fix the problem, sure, but sinking the plat is the bigger issue.
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  5. Zim

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    Awesome!! I wonder where they drop and what they look like. Will they drop on undead type mobs? That always didnt make sense to me why the kin masks dropped by killing the kin they are for. I always thought it would make more sense for the kin masks to drop on the opposing kins mobs. IE. Orc/Brigand masks dropping on undead mobs.

    Im glad the cotton spawns outside of occlo didnt get a buff. Id be interested in seeing how this affects the cloth economy.
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  7. wylwrk

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    Meh, if anything the price of oil cloth is going to drop.
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  8. Willy

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    What the hell is a fire bomb?
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  9. Zordak

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    I don't see why town-killing is such a big deal.
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