PRB V2.0 - Fully Automated Reagent Buying Macro System for UOR!

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    Afternoon all,

    I'd like to introduce you to the freshly updated UOR version 2.0 of the Patek Reagent Buyer Macro (PRB)!

    The macro is a fully automated 'one click' reagent buyer that goes to all 26 mage and reagent shops (Occlo is specifically excluded) and can buy millions of gp a day worth of regs, empty bottles and/or blank scrolls if you let it run. It runs on 110 cross-linked macros that call each other automatically.

    I've decided to share this macro purely to enable more people to be able to buy bulk reagents whenever they may want. I'm also keen on helping people better understand Razor and the macro'ing system and I believe those who use this macro would get a helping hand in understanding large-scale macros. That being said, if you just want bulk reagents, this macro will do you fine and you don't need to know much of any Razor before-hand.

    Macro Includes:
    - Fully automated recall to and from all mage shops including T2A with included fail-over redundancies for blocked locations.
    - Fully automated walking of stores and buying
    - Fully automated de-stocking and re-stocking and bank
    - Built in danger avoidance through cycling bank recall spots
    - Very high server save tolerance
    - Tweakable reagent buyers to get whatever combination of reagents, empty bottles and/or scrolls you may want

    The package includes the following:
    - 110 macros
    - A 50 page PDF with granular installation instructions, pictures of where to mark runes, an overview of how the macro functions, full Razor setup guide etc. Lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions to make it easy!
    - Razor .xml profile file for the buyer (includes buyers, counters, organizers, restocks etc.)

    Download Link:!YpZlWBRS!YrqAGy8ntjJtAFIfPvpxWJ1mk8ewd-trmtpejNxGYw8

    The Mega link contains all files in a .zip:
    PRB V2.pdf
    PRB IDs.txt
    [PRB] folder with 110 macros

    If you have any questions or find any bugs let me know! One of the good things about this system is slotting a new version in takes only a few minutes, so i'm intending to keep a full bug report registry to enforce quality assurance.

    Cheers and all the best.

    - Patek
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    Bug Reports:
    - Initial release had a disparity between empty bottle and blank scroll counter references in macros vs counters. Updated previous references throughout macros to EMPTYBOTTLES and BLANKSCROLLS to EMPTYBOT and BLANKSCRL respectively in line with new naming convention. Updated version uploaded and the Mega link now points to the latest release.

    - Minor one. Profile was set to queue actions "True". This has been changed to "False". Updated version uploaded and the Mega link now points to the latest release.

    - Weight calculations for the Buy Agent in the macro are currently too...ambitious. It is currently set to 360 of each reagent, this should be lowered to ~330. A fool-proof way to check your exact limit, especially if your character wears lots of clothes/hats, is to load up on 30 of each recall reagent + 4000gp and see what the difference between current and maximum weight is, as that number x 10 is the maximum total reagents you can carry. Updated version uploaded and the Mega link now points to the latest release.

    - A feature added as a safeguard (RecallToShop reg counting) has been removed as it sat in the incorrect order of operations and could cause a macro hang under certain circumstances. Updated version uploaded and the Mega link now points to the latest release.

    - The counters used for blank scrolls and empty bottles are not aligned between the profile and the macro files (somehow this crept back in between versions) which means empty bottles and scrolls wont organize during bank cycles. This was changed early on, but the latest macro release still had the legacy calls in the macro. This will be updated in V2.1, but the quick-fix until then is: Open all Bank and BankT2A files in NotePad++ and replace all EMPTYBOTTLES with EMPTYBOT and replace all BLANKSCROLLS with BLANKSCRL. That will get it working.

    - The item ID in the empty bottle / blank scroll Organizer-Agent for blank scrolls may be incorrect. Will be added to V2.1, but quick-fix is simply remove the line in the Organizer-Agent and target another blank scroll to add the correct one.

    - The PRB installation document makes mention of 114 macros, when in actuality there are 110 (this was due to a mid-construction design change). In addition, the find-and-replace will have 112 for PRBCARRY and 63 for PRBPOUCH as opposed to the 116 and 65 listed due to this difference in macro numbers. This will be updated to V2.1, but wont cause any issues during installation of the current version.

    Items planned for V2.1:
    - Additional stores for blank scrolls. Will be able to turn on and off easily.
    - Rewind feature to go back to the same store if they had more stock. Will be able to turn on and off easily.

    - Updated PRB PDF with specific instructions in case the Carry runebook is lost
    - Updated PRB PDF with instructions on adding new versions
    - I've been made aware of another mage vendor at the Yew Prison. Will monitor this to see if I can add (as long as the spawn doesnt move around)
    - LanDarr’s suggestions RE ‘Say’ statement order will be fully integrated
    - Azerothian has helped a lot with things to add in such as fixing the walk path at locations to match the spawn etc.
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    Decided to consolidate the sold pouch file links into a single spot.

    Below are all the people who've bought a PRB kit with their specific variables applied to the latest 23rd Jan release (includes RecallToShop fix and Buy Agent re-weighing):






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    Mother of god!

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