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Discussion in 'Renaissance Discussion' started by Vincent Blackshadow, May 6, 2018.

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    Thanks for looking.

    I would like input on the best pure dexxer template.

    I am currently going with mace dexxer with archery as a secondary but any temp info would be appreciated.

    GM Mace
    GM Anatomy
    GM Tactics
    GM Healing
    GM Parry
    GM Archery
    30 Magery
    70 Resist/Tracking/Hiding

    I may also shave a few points in order to GM either Resist, Tracking or Hiding

    Is seems like tracking is nearly useless on anything other than NPC's so would hiding be a better choice?

    Any advice will be considered.
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    To get a proper template advice you should specify what purpose you have in mind for this character.
    Examples: a PvP char, a dungeon crawler, ironman champion.

    Some general advices:
    Most people agree that parrying sucks here (I have not tried it myself).
    Tracking in it's current shape seems useless to me on a dexxer (except for some events, maybe).
    Mixing archery and melee is a questionable choice; I think it might only be useful during events (e.g. http://uorforum.com/threads/braveheart-one-year-anniversary-battle.33440/)
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    Oct 29, 2017
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    a good pure dexxer i always enjoyed to run was

    fencing 100
    posion 100 ( for quick repoisoned weapons )
    anat 100
    tact 100
    heal 100
    hiding 100
    stealth 100

    works well as both a stealth pk/ dungeon farmer .
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