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    Well Hello! Me and a fellow named Mimic have come to a conclusion. We are both avid pvpers and the majority of our game time should be spent pvping. We both have come to this conclusion...

    A] You spend a insane amount of time looking for **enjoyable** pvp
    B] 90% of everyone who pvps here is very well setup for it / or very good at it
    C] The rest of the population runs in very large gank squads constantly and only that way
    D] People use the most discouraging tactics to win and this can be detrimental to pvp in general

    So we have chosen to make a large guild to encompass all PVP activities, which in turn will hopefully promote more pvp server wide and give people a opportunity to enjoy it. The way we see pvp now is most people are plagued by A - D above and unless you are most dedicated you just say is this really worth all the time? *honestly most of the people who play have things they need to do IRL and it is not worth all the time*

    This guild will be open recruitment to anyone who would like to train/learn/have active players around to help vs some of these overwhelming odds. The main goal is to get more people involved in the pvp scene and then hopefully they find/make friends within the guild and splinter off to form their own pvp groups. Ideally we will bring in new/solo players and older vets who would enjoy trying pvp but seem overwhelmed by what goes on within the server.

    So we will have a tower setup for toon building and pvp practice. Then we can do large scale pvp amongst ourselves to also practice. We will not be going Factions or Order/Chaos, this will strictly be for getting into pvp and finding/meeting like minded players to hopefully form your own groups to do said above activities and promote overall server pvp health.

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