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    In this lesson we will discuss how to set up macros in Razor and bind them to hotkeys. If you are not familiar with Razor then you should read http://uorforum.com/threads/renaissance-guide-to-razor.3671/ by Chris and familiarize yourself with Razor. It will be your lifeline so you might as well start getting used to understanding how it works.

    A macro is defined as a programmed set of commands to perform an action or actions. Skills can be trained via macros and you can also set up macros to assist you in PvP. Here are a few that I recommend using:

    Pop Pouch: As discussed in another lesson I mentioned that you could have one pouch and set up a macro to open the pouch setting off the magic trap, and recasting magic trap on that same pouch all with one hot key. If you wish to set up this macro this is what you will do:​

      • Click New and name your macro something you will be able to recognize. I named mine Pop Pouch.
      • Press Record and double click the pouch.
      • Cast Spell "Magic Trap"
      • Target the pouch with the cursor
      • Press Stop
      • Make sure the Loop box is unchecked
      • Anything else in the macro that is not show in the picture above should be removed
    • Now go to your Hotkeys tab and find Macros category and find "Play (name of macro)" and set a hotkey to play the macro. Go to the client and press the hotkey you assigned to the macro and if everything works properly upon pushing the hotkey your character will automatically pop the trapped pouch, cast Magic Trap and re-trap the pouch once more.
      • If you choose to use several pouches instead of one please be aware that you cannot use the "Target by Type" macro command as it will open any pouch randomly and may open pouches that have already been opened. You will need to set a macro and hotkey for each individual pouch.
      • Should you die or remove that pouch from your inventory and restock with a new pouch you will have to go back to the macro you created, right click on the command "Double Click (identification numbers)" and select re-target then target the new pouch.

    Use Wands: There are three wands that are popular amongst PvPers; Greater Heal, Lightning, & Mana Drain. You will need to set up a macro and hot key for each wand type that you use. If you wish to setup this macro this is what you will do:

      • Before beginning you will need to set up a Arm/Dress hotkey
      • Click on the Arm/Dress tab in Razor
      • Click Add... and name the new Dress Selection, I named mine Wand - Greater Heal since I'm creating a Greater Heal Wand macro.
      • Click Add (Target) and target the wand you wish to use. Only one wand can be used at a time.
      • Do not convert to "Item Type" as Razor does not identify wands by their type, just that a wand is a wand.
      • Go to Hot Keys and set a hotkey for the Dress selection you just created.

    • Now that a Dress selection has been created you are ready to create the macro to use the wand

      • Click New and name your macro something you will be able to recognize. I named mine Wand - Greater Heal.
      • Press Record and hit your hotkey you set up for the Wand Dress selection
      • Double click the wand
      • (Optional) Target yourself using your Target Self hotkey if you want to automatically cast Greater Heal on yourself. If you would rather be able to decide whom you wish to target then leave this part out of your macro. Obviously when setting up a macro with Lightning or Mana Drain you will want to leave the Target Self part out.
      • Press Stop
      • Make sure the Loop box is unchecked
      • Left Click on Exec: Dress: (Name of Dress selection), then right click. Select Special Constructs then select Insert Pause/Wait. Select the first option Pause For: ____ milliseconds and enter 250. Click Insert. This will add a .25 second pause to allow you to arm the wand before it tries to double click it. Any faster than .25 seconds and it will not work. Be aware that if you have a high ping or latency that you may need to extend the pause length.
      • Anything else in the macro that is not show in the picture above should be removed
      • Tip: Instead of double clicking the wand you could use a hotkey for "Use Item In Hand". It's up to you
      • If you die and lose the wand or run out of charges and replace the wand, you will have to update both the dress selection and the macro. Go to the macro and left click the line that contains the wands ID code (in the above picture it would be Double Click (0x41C8391C)) then right click and select Re-Target then target the new wand to be used. In the Dress selection remove that item and add the new wand.
      • If you want to use the wand over and over while running either simply hit the macro for that wand repeatedly, or for a faster cast create a "Use Item in Hand" hotkey.
      • Using this tutorial you should be able to easily create a Dress Selection, Hotkey, and Macro for each wand to be used.

    • Using what has been discussed you should be able to create a variety of dress selections to use with your tank or melee character to equip different weapon (and shield) combinations at your fingers touch.

    There are other macros that can be set up in Razor to assist in PvP, or should I say automate PvP. Macros that will cast cure over and over until you are cured and then automatically heal. Macros that automatically cast Magic Arrow over and over and over in a loop at last target. There are macros that can be set up for every combo you can imagine. I will not discuss these here and I will not promote using them. PvP is to be a game of skill, not automation. These type of macros are completely capable of being created in Razor and are legal to use, but that does not mean that it doesn't make you a sad excuse for a PvPer if you do. Besides, a skillful PvPer who knows what they are doing can defeat a bot every time.

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    Regarding the pop pouch macro, why not just have a trapped pouch(es) marked as use once and bind use once to a key?
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