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    While I had to have to post any sort of rules or guidelines, the fact of the matter is we are growing and as a result, some ground rules must be laid out. I will try to keep it basic as its not my intention to try and regulate peoples game play.

    1. No asking to barrow gold/items/plat. This is an old guild rule that goes back as long as guilds have been around. Yet its something people have problems with. As a growing guild we dont always know very well some of the new members and we certainly dont want to trust them with our gold. There is in fact someone we had to kick from our guild because this was the only reason they had joined, and they had a reputation of doing this. However we dont always want to stare in awkward silence as someone please for funds. The guild is just not the place for this. So please, no begging and barrowing.

    2. No being drunk in vent, no telling us your life story for two hours, and no excessive talking and jabbering on. We've all been tanked before and came to UO for a bit of drunken fun, but please guys, keep it in the game when you do that. We all know how annoying drunk people are when your not drunk yourself. No one wants to hear your ramble on about your life story or your woes all night long, its UO, we come here to escape real life and have fun. Also, we like to use vent to communicate spawns and coordinate our defense when reds attack, so please, dont be that guy who talks, and talks, and talks and talks. Sure we can all have some friendly conversation and tell a few jokes, but please dont feel the need to talk into my ear every three to five seconds.

    3. No calling out, argueing, or bitching at other members in guild chat. Everyone here knows that our number one policy is "drama free". If you have a problem with someone please bring it to me. Sometimes we dont fully know how someone is going to work in the guild until they are guilded. I assure you, we are not one of those guilds that are just going for huge numbers. If we recruit someone and they are a cancer or if they do not mesh well with our system, we have no reservations when it comes to giving them the boot. On the other side of that, we also will not unfairly boot you for one infraction, or one bad episode. We are all human and make mistakes, and in pwn you will be given a fair shake before you are booted.

    4. Listen to Sunshine, Stranger, or Roboto when they tell you something to do at a spawn. We arent know it alls, but Sunshine and myself have done a lot of spawns so we know how they should be done. So if we ask that you move to a certain spot for the boss, ect, please do it. Everyone here has been really good about it, but I figured I should put it out there anyways for new members.

    5. No pking/griefing/ or stealing at our spawns. Most of you already know this, but I figured I would put it out there anyways. What you do on your other characers is your business, but I ask that you be an honorable person of good moral character under your guild tagged character. And so far, most of you have been.

    This is about all I can think of right now, I will add more rules as the need arises. These are just a few situations we've come across so far. Many of you will read these rules and read into them being specific to you, but I assure you, they are not. Each rule I have mentioned here was created because there have been multiple instances of these things happening within the guild. PwN is the type of guild where I want you to look at your guildie as a brother and a good friend you can count on, not just someone else placing UO that shares your guild tag.
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