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    recent player (returned from pre-2000's), 1st time forum poster. I'd like to make a dungeon chest raider/treasure hunter and would like to include Remove Trap (despite it being sub-optimal). So I was wondering how to make RT more relevant or even necessary. A few ideas included:
    • The ability to remain hidden/stealth while using Remove Trap - obviously an advantage when in a dugeon attempting to loot with monsters about
    • T-maps and dungeon chests above a certain level cannot be forced with telekinesis (those clever tinkerers have used some metal resistant to spells!) - perhaps from T maps 4 or 5 upwards and chests on dungeon levels 3+9515
    • Alternatively perhaps a greater cost for forcing the lock - some items inside damaged/lost as the chest flares up from the spell reacting with the explosive potion used to trap it resulting in a brief magical conflagration destroying any t-maps inside and scouring items of their magical properties.
    I think all 3 are relatively sensible/balanced considering the difficulty in raising RT. It would mean a firm skill slot used on these builds but hopefully that would just encourage people to work together in teams (or I guess be forced to use their second or third account characters to clear the spawn). Regardless, except for perhaps level 1-3 T maps, I think it should be a group activity.

    Thanks for your time reading this. I'm really enjoying UOR so far and look forward to running into some of you out there (but hopefully not at the end of a weapon or spell directed at me... yet).
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    First one is already working, it won't break stealth while using the skill.
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    Cannot help you much with the question but, welcome aboard!
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    I've a similar character going right now. I wasn't a big fan of casting telekinesis as well on chests. I thought it would be best to remain hidden and stealth around. As already said, remove trap skill does not take you out of hidden status. I'm getting my lockpicking up slowly only 3% more to go. i believe from what i've read, Detect Hidden also helps in what you're attempting to do, unless that's changed. Get your magery up to at least be able to recall more than fail. You'll be picking up mark scrolls in those chests eventually so that shouldn't be a problem.

    I do like this style of play. you tend to see a lot of interesting things you'd normally run from or have to spend time fighting or managing resources. It's fun and I hope you get your character tuned to how you prefer.

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