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    Hello UO:R. Krake Vestahl here of Project Sanctuary. Some of you may know me, others may not.

    A new year is upon us, and reflection of the past, as well as looking towards the future, is a prominent foreground piece in the tapestry of most of our lives.

    How this has manifested for me, is a reminder and re- dedication to how I choose to live and interact with everyone I meet. The following is just a short journey I went on and recorded so you all can witness and hold me responsible for what I am presenting.

    The middle of 2017 will mark my 3 year anniversary here on UO:R. I hope that I have made a solid, lasting, and positive impression on the community here, as I continue to strive to do so while embodying the virtues whose shrines I have visited.

    If you connect with anything I am saying or doing, hopefully you can use it suppliment your own life, and if not, I truly hope you find something or someone worthwhile to connect and adhere to.

    Love live UO:R!

    The Shrine of Valor - I will endure to be one who pursues Valor in all its forms, and allow it to grant me strength above my own.


    The Shrine of Compassion - Compassion drives everything I do. I will continue to strive to have it shape who I am.


    The Shrine of Chaos - I will embrace the chaos that I cannot control and strive to find some balance between this and order.


    The Shrine of Humility - I am nothing. Let Humility be my reminder of who I am and where I come from.


    The Shrine of Empathy - I commit to employing empathy as a consistent pattern in my life, striving to relate to everyone I encounter.


    The Shrine of Honesty - Honesty is the foundation of every relationship and community. I will commit to being honest in every interaction I have.


    The Shrine of Honor - I strive to be an honorable man, both in deed and in thought. I will commit to bringing honor to this community as best I can.


    The Shrine of Justice - The scales of Justice are impartial, fair and balanced. May Justice be a driving force as I walk along my path.


    The Shrine of Sacrifice - I will strive to be a self-sacrificing person who will accept loss, so that others might gain, and in that, be fulfilled.


    The Shrine of Spirituality - Spirituality, the Virtue that binds all others together. Let those tethers bind me to the Virtues as well.

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