[S*L] Shield of Light always recruiting new players to UO:R

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    New to Ultima Online? Or maybe need to get the feel back for the most unique online game ever developed in the gaming world?
    Well adventurers you most definitely came to the right place!
    UO:R (History Perfected) is the Poster child for *era accurate* (98-2002) Ultima online game play!
    Remember the nostalgia and sense of adventure of Pre-Trammel UO? This is it! And it has been
    Perfected yet carefully balanced to experience the same feeling you reminiscence from years past before Trammel and AOS slaughtered it for you! Ugh!
    Shield of Light Guild is aimed at helping and training if need be returning or new players to the online sensation that started all online games you know today! This doesn't mean we are going to hand you gold feed and clothe you, This means you will get the true feeling of what it was like back in the day to wander out into the unknown where Chaos & Order clashed cold steel and powerful magic to bring life to the world of the famous Richard Garriotts online masterpiece!
    This is not like WoW or Diablo, This is where you can wander out and get slaughtered by Pirates on the high seas, Arrrr! ya barnacle banger ya! Or even attacked by a band of Brigands slashing and casting their way through a dangerous Dungeon that is crawling with some of the most deadly creatures to inhabit the world of Sosaria!
    Come speak with @Zandak our Guild master or myself and we can get you shaped up for the gaming experience that i guarantee you will NOT forget!
    nd when you are ready there are lots of players that would show you the different ways of game play that only Ultima Online Renaissance Perfected could offer!

    See you on the other side of destiny adventurer!
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