Server Hosting Update! 8-30-23

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    As of tonight we have successfully migrated to our new host!

    After 7 years on our current host they have decided to end the program we were a part of forcing us to find greener pastures. After a month of research I believe we have found a new home for the server and last night we successfully completed the migration.

    Most players should not notice anything different about their access to the server or gameplay unless you were using the direct server IP to connect. The new server is on the east coast now so players might see some variations in their pings.

    Players in America should have pings between 10ms and 100ms.
    Players in the EU should have pings between 75 and 250ms.

    If you experience any connection issues make sure to flush your DNS settings by opening a command prompt and typeing "ipconfig /flushdns"

    If you can ping and the returning IP address starts with "15" you are good to go.

    If you experience any issues regarding the change hop in discord and we will get you sorted out.

    Long Live UOR.

    PS: Save times will now be 50% faster!

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