Team Death Match Tournament: Battle Upon the High Seas! Wednesday June 12th, 2019 at 9PM (EST)

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    Event Date/Time: Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 at 9 PM(EST)
    ***Note: Registration closes at 7PM (EST)!***

    TDM Banner.jpg

    Arr you scallywags! It be time for you to set sail, for this be a team based tournament upon the high seas!
    To participate in this tournament you be needin' a boat, and a means of slayin other sailors!

    To the winning team I be payin' in the form of a check for 200K and one (1) BLESSED Mask of Orcish Kin!
    To the second place team: a RED AMIB!

    Here be a map of the arena. There be three healer ships located on the outer borders. See map. (Marked in red)
    There also be one Red healer ship on the northern side of the map, for murderers/greys. (Marked in grey)

    Boundaries2.jpg [​IMG]
    Tournament lasts for 30 minutes. The winners are the team with the most kills at the end of the match! (Kills will be tracked via party kill broadcast so you must join the party before entering the arena.)
    Violation of the rules below will result in disqualification from any prize(s).

    There are FOUR (4) Teams:
    Team Neutral
    Team Orc
    Team Pirate
    Team Undead

    **Teams will be regulated to keep them balanced!**

    1.) All participants must register with Tobias on Discord or Post Here on the Forums. Your character name, any NPC crew members you intend to use (See below for restrictions), and finally which team you wish to fight for. No response from Tobias means you're not registered.
    (You will be notified where on the map is your starting location)


    2.) Your ship must remain unlocked for the entire duration of the tournament.
    -This allows for melee players to participate and for you to be able to return to your ship after being resurrected at the healer's ship.

    3.) Stay within the designated area unless you are dead and reporting to the resurrection locations. (See map above)

    4.) When you are slain, report to a healer for resurrection and get back in the fight!

    5.) When you slay a player, promptly return to your ship (if applicable) and sail on to find another victim!
    -Do not grief other players by slaying their crew after they have fallen.

    6.) No resurrection killing or camping near the healers!

    7.) Only one player may participate and fight as a member of your crew. (No support healers/dispellers ect.)

    8.) Team Neutral is prohibited from wearing using Kin Masks/Items (Orcish, ect.)

    9.) Finally, Absolutely no placing murder counts on other registered players! (Names will be posted prior to start.)

    There are no restrictions on spells, potions, or weapons.

    NPC/Follower Restrictions:
    A.) Maximum One [1] tamed pet crew member per ship. (Your mount counts as a pet unless ethereal)
    B.) Maximum Three [3] NPC mob crew members per ship. (Orcs/Pirates/Other monsters,animals, ect.)
    c.) Maximum One [1] NPC hireling crew member per ship.
    D.) All summons are authorized!

    There are ships positioned to mark the boundaries, if you see a row of these ships or are approaching land, turn back! (Unless you're dead)
    Stealing/Looting is not against the rules, but is highly discouraged!
    -Warning! We discovered that your own crew may loot your corpse! due to this it is recommended that you register and show up early so that you may place spare supplies in your ship's hold.

    Guild Alignment / Kin mask usage is highly encouraged!
    Finally, lets all be honorable and have a good time. Please follow the rules and enjoy!

    ***Don't forget to enable your kill cameras in Razor!***


    Due to the multiple inquires regarding crew selection and guild alignment, the following options are now available (For the duration of the tournament only!):
    1.)Undead Guild Alignment
    2.)Pirate Guild Alignment
    3.)Orc Guild Alignment


    How it works:
    Starting one hour prior to the tournament start time, you may be added to the guild alignment stone of your choice.
    -Immediately following close of the event you will have 15 minutes before you are removed from the guild.
    NPC's aligned in this category will not attack you. More about guild alignment available here:
    **Misuse or abuse of the guild alignment before, during, or immediately after the tournament will result in removal from qualification, and further entry!

    Choosing a crew:
    NPC's with Magic can assist with dispels and ranged damage while maintaining the ability to cure and heal themselves.
    -Examples that will automatically engage: Undead Lich, Pirate Quartermaster, Orcish Mage.
    -Examples that will only engage if attacked: Wisps, Wandering Healers, Mages
    **Recommend staying away from the shoreline while using caster NPC's (They will teleport onto land!)**
    NPC's with ranged weapons are good for ranged DPS.(Orcish Scouts also use detect hidden, and hide/stealth)
    -Examples that will automatically engage: Brigand Archers, Pirate Archers, Orcish Scouts, Orcish Bombers
    -Examples that will only engage if attacked: NPC Rangers & Archers (Can be found near Skara Brae/Vesper)
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    Arr you scallywags! Here be an update:

    Second place prize: one RED AMIB

    Tomorrows tournament currently has Four (4) Sailors registered!

    Two (2) Sailors are registered for Team Undead!

    -Team Undead has revealed their crew! Lich Lords?! ARR!
    TDM1 Team Undead.jpg

    Two(2) Sailors are registered for Team Neutral!
    -Here is a sneak peek at their crew:
    TDM1 Team Neutral.jpg

    Who will fight for Team Orc?? @twarf will you defend your territory?

    -Here are the crews available for those who choose TEAM ORC! (First come first serve.)
    TDM1 Team Orc.jpg

    Who will defend the seas as Team Pirate!?? @CrimsonJack come show these scallywags how you do it!

    Arr! Team Pirate needs two Captains to command these vicious sailors!
    TDM1 Team Pirate.jpg
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    Captain. I will have to let you know tomorrow.
    If not me... Another brave sailor will carry on and defend the title of Champions of the Sea for the Orc Crew!
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    Arr! Thanks to all the sailors who made it! To all those who couldn't, we be seein' you next time upon the high seas!

    Congratulations to Neith of Atlanti for taking first place! And thank you for the donation of your first place prize(s) to fund future tournaments! Arr!

    Congratulations to @Xavant_BR the winner of Second Place. Contact me to collect your Red AMIB!

    I joined the fight today, as we had a few cancellations. The game ended up being a 4 man free for all! I be startin' with team orc so that me mate @CrimsonJack could fight with his pirate crew. Once Jack had fallen and had to leave early, I be takin over his ship! Arr!

    Here be the shots from me kill cam this night!


    Good fight to you all! Until next time! Watch out for those lich lords! ARR IT HURTS!!
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    Ohh thanx dirty pirate?!
    I really enjoyed the fight.. very dynamic.. I will be looking for the next one and i hope to me be more prepared for!

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