Thanks PK, for reminding me of what UO is like.

Discussion in 'The Salty Dog Tavern' started by Tyrant, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2018
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    I just lost my [young] status today, which encouraged me to venture out of the mines for a bit.

    I figured I'd start building up a runebook of banks for myself, and started copying off the first couple of runes from the Bank n Buy shop in Ocllo -

    I marked a rune for Britain East, then Britain West, and before I recalled unto Bucs Den I thought I remembered something about that place from years ago...

    I thought to myself -

    Mmmm, is it a place of reds? Are there aggressive NPC pirates there? I remember that being a sketchy place, but what was sketchy about it? Well, what have I got to lose... I'll just recall in, mark the rune, and recall out.

    As I recalled in, I saw blue NPCs. They weren't attacking me. I saw a blue player, he seemed friendly. We looked at each other for about 2 seconds before he attacked me.

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!! I ran around in circles hopelessly, as I remembered -

    "Oh, right, this is the city with no guards!"

    I was an easy target with a shiny valorite armor about me.

    I fumbled as I tried to conjure up my spells to recall off, but the enemy was faster and interrupted my attempts. On my last attempt, as the spell completed, and the prompt appeared to target the rune, my companion dealt the last blow and proceeded to ransack my body.

    Ahh, the good adventures of UO!

    Thanks for the awesome reminder. Nothing of great value was lost aside from a few new runes, a small bag of regs, a Power hally, and my pride. A reminder to beef up my macros! :D

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    Welcome to the world of the real.

    And fear not. The Keepers of the Flame of Shadowcove are on the rise once more. Justice is coming.
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    I left that town off my runebook for that reason.. If I need to visit for some reason (top off thief training at npc...) I just use moongate. :)

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