The Fellowship of Crainn is recruiting!

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    Dia dhuit!

    Happy eve to yah! Da Fellowship of Crainn now recruitin'!

    We be a RP guild lookin' ta bring back da spice uh Ultima Online! We be takin' any type o character, so dunchya worry! Lookin' fer a group o' folk dedicated ter da simpler days - raidin', protectin', and maybe a wee bit o' DRINKIN'! Harhar!

    [The expectation will be that all in game interactions are RP. Any guild chat, IRC, Discord, AIM can be of the modern flavor. The guild is new, so I'm looking for self-starters interested in building this thing from the ground up. Lore will be in development. Contact me here, BuckFutton on IRC, or Bul-Kathos in-game!]

    *cough* 'scuse me. Had a bit o' a moment.... UMMMHMMM... anyways, if ye be interested, let me know!
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