The master *hic* The master and I.. *burps*

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    Spirit 's' of human mortality

    I have a sto, *hic* *coughs* *burps*.. *unwieldy smirks* oops! I do apologize for such a humbling knock.. As i was was reflectively piping, I have a story to tell you people of this wretched place i was roughshodded to. *looks for notes like a cackhandled tiddy*.. It starts out li, *hic* like this unf, *hic* fortunately.. When i was a bit more.. Well? Maybe i am fortunate? I do not, *burp* excuse me! *yaaawns* What was i wheezing a'boot? Oh! I used to be a prosperous merc *hic* , *burp* ohhh! That one was a mead drinkers nightmare! *wipes slaver from lip like a doddering nit*
    Whilst i was a burgeoning merchant in my years of being a mortal being,, Well, Laying this out, I am sti,, *yaaaawns* still mortal *hic* i jus
    t lack mortal emotions i should,, *hic* ugh.. These belches are seeing me foul i must say! Least i daresay for that matter. I have not yet well-nighingly pondered this inquiry i tell y *hic*... What is this dreadful ring?? Well greetings Master, what.. wha,, *hic* what brings this vis....

    *Clenches throat of the *unborn* scribe*

    Wrath and Reprieve

    Yoou infinites'simal cretin! You.. Yoou endulge in thiss, thiss, Grog of Moortal consumption!?! You dare bellow exempla of the *Guardian* of thee Blight!?!
    You were all but inanimate, But a stillborn when discovered! Frigid annd imperfect until mercy upon you was's granted! A caddis'sh fool i delivered!

    *Gasps* Well, it does not look good for this Unborn scrivener of the forsaken does it? I'm just bowled over myself.
    Lets hope absolution or some sort of pity is given to this hapless slave!

    To be continued
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