The 'Void' and last bedlam of "The True Harrower of the Undead"

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    As the last of the 'True Harrower of the Undead' fall in in the dungeon of the damned (Deceit), AND INTO the eternal 'Void' Humankind can finally rest knowing it will never return
    However the fallon bringer of the Undead knew after hours of battle with both warriors magi and the naturalists of this world the end for its existence was nigh
    As the life of this Revenant came close to its end a loud screech came from it, Mistaken for bellows of pain and defeat they were words of power, words of the 'Guardian'

    Darkness to Crimson

    Risen from a thousand year thrice fold slumber near the crypts of Yew, The same crypts where the dreaded 'Lord of Shadows' bases his bid in the 'Factions campaign'
    Comes forth another forgotten thorn of ancients past, One that was never even a story yet a tale told, Nor passed down due to the elders of old assumed it was forever inert
    A bloodletter also know to some from tales as a 'Vampire' was summoned from its thought to be eternal 'Crypt' in which was buried and forgotten thrice millenia past
    though not nearly as destructive and forthrite as its summoner or shall i say 'Redeemer' this nocturnal dweller is silent and swift! Rumor has it from a small towns carouser

    The epithet of this leech is was known as 'Aducer'a' which translates from known ancient scrolls as "rising up" or brought back.

    Well here we go again, Right when you think everything was avail, Something else happens.
    i suppose this is how it is in this timeline called 'Life'
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