The winds of change.

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    As he approached the door the tingle to his hands began once again. Pausing before he crossed the threshold he shook the tingle from his finger tips and continued inside.

    "Sergeant, I seek an audience with Commander Jenkins."
    "Yes sir, Captain Cero. One moment please." And with a salute he turned and headed for the office door. A few moments later the sergeant returned. "He is waiting inside Captain." With an exchange of salutes Cero crossed the room and paused once more before opening the office door, once again putting the tingle in his hands at the back of his mind.

    "Captain Cero, you requested an audience, what can I do for you?" Commander Jenkins said while seated at his desk, head down still writing on a parchment.
    "Commander, I am afraid I come with a poor news, as the current situation in the realm is stable I wish to resign my commission within the guard so that I may pursue more personal....goals." Cero said with a salute. Commander Jenkins paused with his writing and set down his quill before standing and looking right into Cero's eyes.
    "Well this is to no surprise to be honest, there has been much talk about you spending more and more time within the city libraries rather then on patrol." Jenkins said with a pause, glancing down for a moment. "Granted, but I must ask you that if the need arise can I count on you to return to service of our Lord once again?"
    "Of course, one does not so easily forget their service to the realm Commander."
    "Please, call me Leeroy...and thank you again for your service, I hope we will not have to call you back to service anytime soon."
    With one last salute, "Thank you sir, and I as well hope my service is not needed too soon." and Cero turned for the door, with the tingle once again rising within his hands, before Commander Jenkins spoke.
    "Cero, if I might ask, what is it you will be doing with your free time."
    Glancing over his shoulder, only pausing long enough to answer "Seeking answers Leeroy" and Cero reached the door, and exited.
    Crossing the main room, the sergeant on duty saluted as Cero exited without a word. Once outside Cero let the growing tingle in his hands release and spoke the incantation, "Kal Ort Por" and he was gone.

    To be continued...
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