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    Hi all,

    For digup a treasure. I need Cartography on that char? Or I can have on another char to decode the map and then use another for dig up the treasure?

    I have my merchant crafter which has 100 skill points unused and I was thinking use for Cartography and save the map decoded.

    But then,

    what I need to be able to dig up the treasure and open it?

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    Yes, the character that decoded the map needs to be the one that digs up the map. After a map has been decoded, no one but the original cartographer is able to use it.

    In order to loot the treasure you will need the following:
    • A cartographer with the appropriate skill level to decode the map
    • A shovel on your cartographer and the location of the chest. If your mining is 0 you will need to get within 1 tile of the treasure chest, if your mining is at 100 you can be within 10 tiles of the chest to dig it up.
    • A lockpicker to unlock the treasure chest (Level 1/2 can be unlocked with the "Magic Unlock" spell, anything else requires someone with the Lockpicking skill)
    • A way to remove the trap (Unless you feel like dying!), the simplest way is to get 5-6 tiles away and use the "Telekinesis" spell on the chest to pop the trap without taking damage.
    • A way to clear the monsters or to distract them while you loot the chest. You'll get between 4-6 monsters spawning instantly when you dig up the chest, depending on the treasuremap level these monsters can kill your character very quickly.
    • A way to clear monsters or distract them while you loot the chest. Every time you loot an item from the treasure chest there's a chance for a monster to spawn, so unless you take care of the additional spawns they will overwhelm and kill you.
    Overall, treasure maps are a great way to make money with relatively minimal risk. A little bit of practice and determination and you'll be able to handle level 5/6 chests by yourself, but in the meantime the level 3/4 chests still provide good loot with a chance of level 7 maps!
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