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    As some of the players are aware the staff of Renaissance take great care in our research and patching and do our best to avoid arbitrary changes. In order to allow our players to help us research and bring back the correct look and feel of the UOR era we have setup a semi permanent UO Demo Server.

    The UO Demo was released on the T2A CD with client version 1.26 in 1998. Players were able to install the demo and begin in Occlo to get an idea of what Ultima Online was like. Using some tools developed by the guys over at Joinuo we have successfully setup a public populated demo server for our players.

    This server can be accessed from your standard UOR client and razor with only a simple address change as seen below.

    uodemo.uorenaissance.com port 2593

    Feel free to log in, make a character and help with making UO Renaissance the best UOR server. This server is an exact replica of an OSI server from sometime around October 1998. By reviewing this server and comparing functionality found there to patch notes from Oct 1998 to the UOR era we can determine the exact mechanics of various aspects of the UO world.

    UO Relevant Patch Archive


    Note: If you want to run some specific tests, let me know and I will generate as many of the supplies as I can, along with setting your skills.
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  2. Jack of Shadows

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    are we going to be looking at success rates with skills and crafting and all that good stuff? I'd be down to make a thief there and document whatever (or however we can help)
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    Wow..... Sounds like a fun way to give things a test..go.

    As always, thanks for the work

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    Good idea...

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