Veteran UO player seeking Chaos/Order and PVP guild with active wars

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Victobud, Nov 3, 2016.

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    Hi all just returning to Ultima Online and I have 2 chars almost finished and rdy to go for PVP
    Back in the day I spent most of my time looking for people to kill in my Chaos guild and with wars on anybody that would declare back, solo pvping ... then Trammel came out...

    If you have been to Skara Brae the last week or so my friend and I have been hanging out making gold and building or chars
    I would like to join an active guild that has Chaos/Order wars, at war with other guilds, or just PKing

    My 2 characters are as follows
    First char I would like in the Chaos guild, Second can be a PK guild if needed

    Currently training magery and resist hence the 100 meditation which will start to drop as soon as the last fencing is gone.

    Parrying 100.0
    Mace Fighting 100.0
    Meditation 100.0
    Anatomy 99.0
    Tactics 80.3
    Healing 77.4
    Magery 75.2
    Resisting Spells 70.5

    Also training magery and resist, I have hiding because the pks here are quick and while training I spent a lot of time at Dragons
    Hiding will drop after other skills are gone, I was going to go poison but could do whatever the guild needs/wants me to do

    Evaluating Intel... 100.0
    Meditation 100.0
    Wrestling 99.7
    Hiding 90.8
    Magery 80.7
    Anatomy 69.0
    Resisting Spells 64.1

    Find me in Skara Brae on Wise Kat or Mist, or here.
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    Parry and hiding are useless I would remove those and look for different skills. If you are looked for a chaos or order guild I heard Tnl was recruiting message either crooks, harambe or sir billy in IRC they may be able to get you situated
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