"Viking" Sea of Lord's Recruiting and Growing Rapidly

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    Greetings and Welcome To all new comers.

    The "Vikings" Sea of Lord's Is now recruiting all types of RPGers Mostly Warriors and Mages. But Tamers Bards And Crafters Are Always Welcome.

    Rules and Regulations

    1. Must be Over the ages of 18
    2. Must have a Since of knowledge of viking ways.
    3.Friendly to others and guildys unless War guilds and factions.
    4.Must be able to follow rules and regulations or face the penaltys of being kicked from guild.
    5.We are a Light RP guild so you dont always have to stay in char unless at an RP town such as Dwarfs, Stormhold, Orcs, Undead, Knights, and other RP guild alike.
    6.Have a ship If you can not Afford A ship Then One will be Appointed to you But must get pass the rank of Thrill (Recruit)

    Have fun and enjoy UOR for along time to come There are 4 Hersir Counsil members Atm Find
    Me (Magnhild) or the others in game such as (Vex or Veitican),(Aidan),(Lord Exouds)Or My Wife (Alva Magnhild)


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