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    I just wanted to welcome everyone to our new forum. We have been growing in number and are as a side affect becoming one of the larger guilds on the server, I am really looking forward to our development as PwN and as well the coordination we have with the other friendly guilds that have been helping us along the way. I hope we can keep this up and really make a name for ourselves on the server. I as well would like to welcome any new members that I have not been able to introduce myself too.
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    PwN has been an awesome guild to be apart of. It's great that there are so many active people on a regular basis. Vent is always interesting to say the least, I miss the drunkin rants... sometimes, now that he was booted (reminds me of my early twenties). Great group to game with! Hope I can contribute.

    I've heard a few comments about the guild A&D at spawns. Tumbleweed is the GM of A&D a PVM (mostly bards, warriors & mages) and crafting guild. We moved over from UOSA as a guild. We like our members of A&D to join other guilds with similar endevours for alliances and hopefully foster friendships. While I can't say you'll never see an A&D member pop up at the end of a spawn, I will say they'll contribute as much as possible, including defending the spawn. A&D is a tight group of people that are worth knowing in my opinion but hell I'm new to PwN so, for whatever it's worth... A&D is not out to be a huge guild just a good one with good honest TRUSTworthy people. There isn't any of the core members I wouldn't hand 1 mil to have anything to worry about. When shit goes down they (or I) definitely would not pass info to reds. We're getting started on UOR and just want to make friends, have a good time and, make plat in that order. Wait did that sound all kumbaya? Didn't mean it to. btw if you need decor done Tumbles good at it.
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    I can confirm the A&D guys are stand-up, good folks!
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