Wild Creatures

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    After a day of collecting taxes with Britain's local Bailiff,
    Unscrupulous Rex decided it was time to be done with her service. . . but then this happened.
    A wild one indeed!

    Seeing as she was a wild creature, I thought it would be best to attempt to feed her apples and bread. . .
    To tame her. . . But to each she just replied:
    I would attempt to hire my next underling with gifts of food and beverage. . . but that would just be crass of me.

    She couldn't be released, so, Rex figured he would get some more use out of her. . .
    After a joyous evening of 'service' - she went postal, regretting nothing!
    Or maybe she wanted Rex to mail her for another 'adventure'?
    No matter. . . what happened that night. . . stays between Unscrupulous Rex and Dallin the barkeeper.

    *On another note, Thank you for fixing the 'bugs' in Skara Brae. May the Bees be bees no matter where you look at them from!*
    * This may not be your usual bug report format. Everyone needs their fun.
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    That's interesting. It may be another unforseen result of the emergency patch @Chris put in recently.
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