2021 House Decoration Contest - 9/19 thru 10/22

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  2. Infern0

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    Hi there :)

    My entry is for Most Unique Design Element.

    Waterfall Hot Tub.

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    Best Decorated Small House

    It was a long and hard-fought winter, but the harvest was plentiful...

    1st floor:

    Trophy Room w/ Reflection Pool


    Here is where Johnny B Goode, my ironman toon, was birthed.

    Launched many scrolls from this very room.

    Figured it was fitting to pay tribute to the name...

    Scrolls are a helluva a drug.

    2nd floor:

    The Study / Preparation Room


    This floor was partitioned to create a secure storage area.

    The eastern half features a quaint library with a couple exceptional flame & frost bane instruments.

    The western half features an area where all prep work was done for scroll running.

    Many thanks to all the Minoc/Vesper vendors. Support local!

    3rd floor:

    The Fruit Basket


    After tearing down my previous work, I stumbled upon my oldest and most neglected pieces of deco...

    a fruit basket.

    The inspiration behind this "urban farm" rooftop.

    Notable features:

    - Mini vineyard
    - "vine wrapped vase"
    - Fruit garden
    - Kitchenette

    The braziers & fireplace keep everything nice and toasty.

    Things In The Front:

    The Elevator


    Incase your imagination isn't vivid enough, this muthaf*#&a got an elevator!

    Not really sure how it works...

    But you see that wheel? You turn it one way, it goes down. You turn it the other way, it goes up.

    Medieval shit.

    Features two secure chests, which are a nice touch when owning a small home.

    Deco inside the elevator & on the front steps pay tribute to my tmapper/miner.

    And finally, some brightness...



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    Good lord that is so good, you gotta lock down two more things though.
  5. FisuUO:R

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    I've been away some months, but couldn't let this contest pass. I rushed a bit towards the end by lacking time, but I still like it! Hope you do so :)

    First floor: Exploration and travel memories, workshop and storage area

    torre2.png torre3.png

    Second Floor: Trophy hallway, Alchemy and Blacksmith rooms.
    torre5.png torre6.png torre7.png torre8.png

    Third Floor: Pub and Concert Hall

    torre10.png torre11.png

    Roof: The Garden (Some fountains, a hippie corner and the spooky throne)

    torre13.png torre14.png torre15.png torre16.png

    Thanks and good luck to everyone, there are some crazy deco skill around!
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    Large House Category




    - Reception and meeting -



    - Keeping sacred presents safe! -



    - The Ceremony: "La Ofrenda"-



    - Terrace party! -

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  7. Ophira

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    Most Unique Design Element
    Terrace Party!


    • Decorated bridge


    • Covered Bridge

    • Garden


    • Hot tub
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  8. Stormwynd

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    Best Decorated Large House

    Welcome to the Oasis Commons, the centerpiece of Oasis Village. Marcus Tischler would like to show you around the commons and ask that you come by and pay a visit!


    First Floor (Bar/Dining Room/Sitting Room):

    Second Floor (Sewing Room and Guest Accommodations):

    Third Floor (Reading Nook and Library/Classroom):

    Roof (Arena):

    Attached Files:

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  9. lawn elder

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    @FisuUO:R & @Ophira, I applaud both of your uses of color. Fantastic stuff. I especially like the @FisuUO:R 's gradient "creature cases" and @Ophira 's color coordinated present/treasure room. Inspiration for days in this thread.
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    Entry for best decorated Large house - I present to you the Chaos Library

    Approach from the South as a ghost reborn.. weary from travel and the battles that last for what feels like ages. You stumble into an ominous Tower...


    You can't help but be drawn into the scales and flames. Like a moth to a candle you hobble towards the door.. a stench of fetid shit on the door and steps. What is this place? It seems empty.. you check the door and it creeks open...


    What is this place??

    Your voice echoes through the hall. These are statues of monsters you've never seen, never even imagined. There are books.. dreadful looking books. A barrel burns in the center fueling itself on the soul of the stones.

    A FOUL energy flows through these halls..

    One can only imagine what it took to create such a place. Whoever put this together must be absolutely mad. It's best to leave before the users of these books return.. wait.

    What's that sound?


    At least there's a shrine close by...


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  11. Infern0

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    +1 for RP xD
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  12. sgtpepper

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    Large House Entry

    Trenchtown Trash Bazaar"

    I have wanted to do an "anti-deco" project since playing in the late 90s and finally pulled the trigger on it this year.
    I created this as a pop up RP vendor house and sold various items to suit the theme.

    It may be a stinky Rasta trash house, but each item was meticulously placed, and it took bloody ages to get them right.
    I have also attached some of the accompanying adverts used during the pop up vending campaign below.

    Cover your nose and enjoy!




    There is a little "grow room" operation going on there. Shhh, don't tell the UOR authorities.

    Marketing materials:





    Bless! <3
  13. Acererak

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    May 5, 2021
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  14. Zyler

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  15. Boomshakalaka

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    Mar 15, 2020
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    Welcome to Windamere! My entry for best decorated massive house!

    The tour will start with the roof and make its way down. First off we have the farm where I grow my vegetables and exercise my ethys!


    Next we have the area where I like to relax after a hard day of working the farm and adventuring in Sosaria. I have also built a watering hole for the occasional traveler to this part of the land.


    Here is where my meals are prepared by my own personal chef.


    This is the room where meals are enjoyed by me and my guests.


    And I like to keep things neat and tidy, so I installed a wash room to keep up with all of the dishes!


    You're already getting a small peek of the front area of my keep, so we'll head there next! This is my relaxing water fountain and pond.


    Sometimes while sitting by my pond, I like to play an instrument and this is where I keep them all nicely sorted.


    Finishing off the top floor will be my hobby of candle making. Life can't be all dragons and death now can it?


    This is where I lay my head after a long day.


    And I put this room close by in case I have to get up in the middle of the night.


    I don't know anybody who doesn't like their loot! I may like it a little too much since I have an entire room dedicated to sorting mine!


    This is where I plan my champ battles. I managed to snag Barracoon's hat, but I have yet to get his flute away from him.


    When I'm out and about, it never hurts to have some potions on hand. This is where they are brewed. I also run a free clinic for poor Britannians; apparently I left one waiting a little too long...


    Thanks for stopping by! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do....


    P.S. I have some minions to do odd jobs around the keep.

    upload_2021-10-17_10-47-42.png upload_2021-10-17_10-48-46.png upload_2021-10-17_10-49-8.png upload_2021-10-17_10-49-29.png upload_2021-10-17_10-49-44.png upload_2021-10-17_10-50-13.png upload_2021-10-17_10-52-35.png

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  16. NCCML

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    Hello all!

    I'm entering my keep for consideration in the massive house category.

    It's been an interesting project that just sort of started by accident. Back on OSI, the 1154 hue was my favorite. I always liked the ice blue look of it. By chance I ended up with a couple items in the same hue here on UOR, so I decided it would be fun to see how many I could collect. When I purchased this keep, it came with some furniture that was already dyed 1109, and I thought the contrast between the two colors just really made the 1154 blue stuff pop. A project was born. I thought, I wonder how much of this stuff I can collect? And can I decorate a house with it and make it look good? Well, you be the judge!

    We'll start with the first floor. Here is a shot of the whole thing:

    First Floor 2.jpg

    A quick overview, then we will look a little closer at some areas. The rune library was built primarily for the annual scav hunt. It's won twice, and come in second place once as well. There are really only two people that can effectively use this thing. Myself and Rain Man. The house is named "The Silent Cartographer". There are two reasons for this. Most obviously, I think it points to the rune library. Books don't make much noise, and they will take you all over the map. There is a second reason for it. I was always a fan of a certain first person shooter series, and it's from this series that the name was borrowed. Let's see if anybody knows the reference?

    Lets take a look at a few areas specifically, and I'll share a pretty crazy story about the acquisition of one of those items.

    At the front we've got a few clothing items crafted using the 1154 bod cloth. There is also a ranger armor of frost chest piece there, waiting for the rest to show up one day.

    Clothing 1.jpg

    Clothing 2.jpg

    Next we've got the study. Tucked away in the corner, it's a good place to sit down and read:


    There are a few unique items here (at least for now). There are two books in this house that are currently the only ones of their kind. One of them rests on this table:

    Book 1.jpg

    And the other is shown below. Now this one has a pretty crazy story. I was browsing the forum one day, and in a post completely unrelated, saw this book sitting on a table in a screenshot that another user had shared. The book was not the point of the screenshot, but of course it caught my attention. I reached out to the individual that posted the shot, and asked about purchasing that book. Well, it was part of a much larger book collection and wasn't for sale. The owner did, however, propose an alternate plan. A trade. He said that while he wouldn't sell the book, he'd trade it for one that looks the same but in hue 1151. Well, those are nearly just as rare, and I didn't own one. In fact there were only three on the server at the time (that's still true as of the writing of this post). I kept his offer in mind, but figured I'd never be able to provide that book, and so just sort of forgot about it. Well, it was a very short time (weeks or a couple months, I forget which) that had passed, and I was running around a random place in the woods tracking pesky Leprechauns. I happened to walk past a tamer staging pets outside of a villa. Also clearly a fellow Leprechaun hunter. I did what any true citizen of Sosaria would do, and hid just off screen to see if he'd let me stealth into his house. In boredom, while hidden on his doorstep, I double clicked the front door. It opened! Aha! The wait was over. Stealthing inside, I quickly realized that there wasn't a whole lot here of interest. Mainly just the kind of thing you'd expect from a hard working, mob farming UOR player. In the corner sat a lone Christmas gift box. Lets check that out shall we? Well, to my total surprise, sat in that gift box, an 1151 open book. Just the one I needed to trade. One of three on the server. Among a bunch of other random stuff, here it was. Needless to say that book came home with me, and was promptly traded for the one that now rests in the screenshot below:

    Book 2 - Bear Rug.jpg

    I'd like to also point out the polar bear rug in 1154. Something else that's not often seen. An amazing veteran player helped me to acquire that. Actually he helped with quite a few amazing items in this house. Come to think of it, many players here have been a part of this house. I'm very grateful to all of them.

    Ok! Lets head upstairs, with a look at the whole thing first:

    Second Floor 2.jpg

    From here there isn't really a focal point, more or less just tried to decorate using only the two colors (1109, 1154) the best I could. There are a few items to help bring areas together throughout the house of course, and a keen eye will find one item in the hue of 2406. It blends well though, so we let it slide.

    A closer look at a few things:

    I'm proud of this one. "a mysterious key with a diamond bow". This key is hue 1154, and was a real pain in the butt to get my hands on. Allevia [TV], has been running a series of quests in order to find special hued keys. The magpie quests. This particular key was only able to be found by first locating the three keys required to triangulate the position of this one. Anybody that took part in that quest knows the insane challenge that was decoding the riddles that led to the key locations. I had help from another legendary UOR player on this, and I'm very thankful for that person. The books sitting with the key are the books that contained the riddles to ultimately acquire it.

    Diamond Key.jpg

    I also really like the front balcony, overlooking the entry and the great beyond. The standing armor on top of the marble columns took some tinkering. I should mention that the majority of the statues in the house were collected during a couple different Xmas events, along with the vast majority of the frozen herbs and onions. I bought some of those, and I also bought a few statues from some really awesome peeps that were willing to help. Thanks once again to all of you.

    Front Balcony.jpg

    Next we come to one of my favorite parts of the house. This was a fun way to use some of these items, and tie them into the hard work of a player here that has really gone above and beyond to create additional player driven content for the shard. The books are copies of Kezas Winter of 2018 Cerberus event.

    Keza Winter.jpg

    And here we have a pretty neat item that existed in winters past. Many of us have seen that yellow writing upon the death of an ice golem, and ended up with an 1151 chunk of ice in our packs. This one is actually 1154. There are a handful of them out there.

    Ice Chunk.jpg

    This is another item that took a long time to acquire. In fact it was part of a group of items mentioned earlier that a veteran player helped me to get my hands on. I always thought this would be a cool way to use an 1154 keg, should it ever find itself in my care, and here it is!

    Plat Keg.jpg

    And finally, I thought it would be neat to showcase the table. Nothing too special really, just something I thought worked out well:


    To end this post, I'll share a final picture of the exterior. A keep has a lot of roof space, which can be difficult to fill. My brother actually came up with the idea of the chess board, and while it's technically a tile too short to be a real chess board, I felt that it was still the best way to use this space. Acquiring the statues for this, and all the chairs for the four corners was no small task, and again I thank all the peeps out there in the amazing UOR community that were willing to help with this. Here it is in all it's glory:

    Roof 2.jpg

    Thank you for bearing with my long winded explanations. I hope you enjoyed the house, it's been a lot of fun over the last few years putting it all together. Perhaps you'll see it again in future years, as it's never really finished. I have some plans for some more really neat features. These are long term goals though, as the items needed seem to be either in use, or buried in an old dusty bank box, awaiting the return of a long absent adventurer. We are approaching a new Xmas store which will have some highly anticipated additions, and I'm sure over time even more brand new introductions to UOR will find their way into the house.

    I hope you all have an amazing holiday season as we move through Halloween, into Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.

    God bless and long live UOR!
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  17. Boomshakalaka

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    Hello again! I have decided to enter into the category for most unique design element with Windamere farms!


    Windamere farms is a family owned farm going back 10 generations! We have a lovely garden as well as a pen for some of the local animals. Whether you like to dig your fingers into the dirt or relax by the fountain, Windamere has it all!
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  18. Snorko

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    Entry for Best Small Decorated Home 2021
    Ladies and Gentle Mongbats, welcome to...
    :: Cue theme to Jurassic Park ::


    Pic 01 Whole Island.jpg
    The Snorko Island Tourism Board warmly invites you to visit, dig up some treasure at T-Map #74, and explore the tower.
    Beware the ITSF (Island Troll Security Force) disclaimer at bottom.
    Pic 02 1st Floor.jpg

    On the ground floor you'll find the cozy strategy room. Used to plan out new adventures, train lock picking techniques, and do mystical research.

    Pic 03 2nd Floor.jpg
    The second floor living quarters let's you kick back, drink the finest wines Sosaria has to offer (in excess), and gamble your gold
    away with friends. Feel free to take a complementary bottle of wine from the barrel, it's been provided by Yew's very own "Ye Olde Winery".

    Pic 04 3rd Floor.jpg
    The multi-functional roof top provides four brightly burning lights to keep our sea faring friends safe, acting as a lighthouse.
    However these lights are mainly for use in dark rituals and sacrifices. This area is used to open portals to the unknown,
    drinking more wine, maybe a bit of blood, and certainly eating bacon.

    Once more, the door is open,
    The Snorko Island Tourism Board invites you to come and see the sights
    and sounds offered at our lovely island home.

    Disclaimer to all visitors: Death by ITSF is a real risk, be careful, and please do not let him in the house or kill him in the house.
    He's unbelievably messy, and the stench of rotting troll corpse is very hard to remove. Thank you.

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  19. pelarde

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    Small house contest

    First meet the owner:


    Roccatagliata. The foreign vegan drag queen battle miner, blacksmith and tailor. Born in faraway lands, rejected by his family, he learned to live and subsist by himself. Grand-master in the arts of blacksmithy, he crafts his own armor and weapons to fight the great golems and elementals, in search of precious rock.

    But his true passion… is fashion and style. Despite being big and rough, Rocca’s hands can handle the needle with precision to make the finest clothing.

    Don't expect to find great treasures or strange items. This is a worker's home. Secluded in the middle of the jungle, surrounded only by snakes, alligators and other critters lies The Temple of the Dog.

    On the first floor of this humble home you find the workshop, the place where the magic happens. Rocca likes to keep the place tidy and clean.


    After a morning of hard work Rocca eats his vegan lunch on the second floor.


    If you wonder where the veggies come from… On the terrace of the tower is the organic garden. The source of Rocca's diet, grown and harvested by himself. A truly self sufficient man. You can see him taking a sip of water after working in the garden.


    Late at night the work continues… Finally he heads to the bar for a drink. After two or three bottles the vision gets blurry, his eyes shine. He dreams of better times. Life is hard. Too much work, far away from family and home. No one to share the pain with.

    nigh1.png nigh21.png

    The sun rises, another day of work begins.

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    Large House Entry - Simple but sweet

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