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    My eyes, what are you telling me.....

    Was it all a dream? Memories of cheering friends.... small candles of heroes carved into flames and reinfored as lanterns of a purpose shining bright on the darkest and coldest of nights...

    I knew names, but I couldn't see any faces anymore. The sun is bright this day, yet a shiver covers my whole body. Swift sifts through my pack, finding apples to eat. "Good, boy" i said. He's the only warmth i can feel on this bright, scary day. I yell the names that I can remember, yet nobody is in sight... My pleas fall on deaf ears... Swift seems to be the only familiar in my world. I remember tall bulildings and streets busy with commotion. I cannot tell if they were even real... is any of this real? Swift, my friend is here, he HAS to be proof of what was. I have a key in my pack, what did it go to?

    The chill still has yet to pass, the sun even walks away from the lack of i am, if I am anything.

    Gael.... who...WHAT is Gael? This name is familiar... isn't it?

    apples cannot keep Swift and I fed. We have to live. We have to figure out all of this if we can.

    "Come on swift, let's do this.......again?"

    Believe in me friend, i'll do whatever I am is capable of...
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    first thing I thought of...

    I can't help it.

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    We will have to head out on an adventure soon!
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