AMIBs Set - Archer Mode!!!

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    What: AMIB Set (Red, Blue, Purple & Green)

    When: Postponed. (Not gonna be on this week end :()

    Who: Every UO Guild Memver is Invited.

    a) One vendor Bow, 200 Bandages, 500 Arrows, 20 Refresh Pots. (NOTHING ELSE)
    We can Equipt everything we get along the way!!!

    b) No Mounts. (NO ETHYS IETHER)

    * We gathering all the Gold, Plat, Rare Dropss to roll at the end. (Pls drop on castle after each run)
    * A player can only win onece, u can pass on a roll if u want something else.

    1) Any Rare(s) we Get.
    2) All the plat we Gather. (~25)
    3) 2 x Best Chest.
    4) All The Gold we Gather. (~75k)
    5) 1 × Medium Chest.
    6) 1 × Uglyest Chest.

    * Stimated Time (1:30 hrs for all the 4 AMIBs) if we dont wipe ofc!
    * I may bring some dragons to sit at the entrance just in case we fail miserably.

    Get ur Archer Ready!!!
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    Hard-mode bow hunting! Interesting!

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